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AirGap Protection

Data security and protection are one of the top concerns with customers today. Invest in this 4-minute video on how using air gap protection will help avoid data corruption due to malware or…

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Ser hackeado puede convertirse en ventaja

Estuardo Romero, Client Technical Professional - Security Systems. Luis Quispe, Senior Consultant - Security Services. Larry Gallarday, Senior Security Professional / SSA Corporate Security…

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La Importancia de la Seguridad en el Viaje a la Nube

Juan Camilo Reyes, Security Services Business Leader, SSA

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Protegiendo entornos híbridos

Diego Oviedo, Associate Partner - Security Services

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Interns: A Goldmine for Hackers & Social Engineering

While internships are a great way to get a "foot in the door" at a company, these interns' social media habits could be helping hackers get a foot in the door as well through…

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