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來自 IBM Cloud、MapD 和 Bitfusion
的新 GPU 效能基準

IBM Cloud、MapD 和 Bitfusion 在 32 台伺服器上對 64 位元 K80 GPU 進行了擴展,在 271 毫秒內篩選、查詢和彙總 400 億行資料集。

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How-tos & Demos Using VDI with IBM Cloud NVIDIA and NetApp

When your architects and engineers need secure access to graphics-intensive applications IBM Cloud in partnership with NVIDIA and NetApp delivers best-in-class graphics and storage to accelerate…

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Affordable flexible high-performance computing with Bitfusion and IBM Cloud

To learn more about high-performance computing on IBM Cloud visit: Bitfusion provides innovative software that accelerates applications with order of magnitude performance gains. Scale up on a…

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