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Cloud Native Academy - what's it all about?

A short three minute overview of IBM Cloud Native Academy illustrating the value it can bring to your clients and to IBM.

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CICD - Creating a DevOps Pipeline with Github Actions

There are many orchestrators that can be used in a mainframe DevOps implementation to control the flow of pipelines. This video gives a high-level overview of the steps necessary to implement a…

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Migrating SCLM Projects to Git Repositories (2019 Webinar)

Learn from the experts on how to easily migrate from Software Configuration and Library Manager (SCLM) to Git on IBM Z. The SCLM product offering is IBM’s ISPF-based SCM component that runs on…

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IBM Z DevOps Village; Session Seven Testing, Part 2

In this session we welcome Shabbir Moledina, Dennis Behm, and David Rice. Shabbir Moledina is the manager of the IBM Z DevOps Acceleration Team and has been with IBM for 15 years. Dennis Behm is an…

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Git Branching Models for Mainframe Development Workflows

This video is a discussion between two experts in DevOps on the Mainframe on the topic of git branching strategies. Due to the complexities of development on the mainframe, there may be different…

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Debug your Golang Programs with IBM z/OS Debugger

IBM z/OS Debugger now supports debugging Go programs on z/OS compiled with IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go as part of our strategy to support compiled languages on Z. This video provides an overview…

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Publish notebooks to GitHub from a Watson Studio project: Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Enable GitHub integration in a Watson Studio project.

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