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Inscrivez-vous au Think Summit au Canada 2021

Le Think Summit d'IBM au Canada revient sous un tout nouveau format : un film original canadien qui partage plus de 15 histoires incroyables destinées à démontrer comment…

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Register for Think Summit Canada 2021

This November, join us in a digital event like no other. IBM Think Summit Canada returns in an all-new format -a cinematic original Canadian film sharing more than 15 incredible stories that…

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The CUBE interview at Think2021 with Ally Karmali, Lucy Baunay and Keric Morris

Join Keric Morris, Global Energy and Sustainability Lead from IBM UK and a panel of experts on the important topic of achieving success with a sustainable business model. The panel will discuss major…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data (French Subtitles)

Cloud Pak for Data est la plateforme IA et données de pointe d'IBM qui permet aux organisations d'organiser, de collecter et d'analyser leurs données pour intégrer…

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Coast to Coast

A production put together by IBMaple, a virtual band comprised of IBM Canada employees using Choirless

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Digital Bank of the Future: Modernizing your core will accelerate your business

Simon Kalechstein, Client Partner, Financial Services, IBM talks about what you need to do to move to or to create the platform that will support the Digital Bank of the future.

From  chq_mkt_delegated on December 14th, 2020

Digital Bank of the future: Platforms of the future are your competitive advantage

Charbel Safadi, Financial Services Consultant for IBM Canada discussing how tech and platforms without culture and structure change, will limit the impact of all digital transformation.

From  chq_mkt_delegated on December 14th, 2020

The Power of Open Platforms with Red Hat's Paul Pinkney

Paul Pinkney, Sr. Director of Solution Architecture and Chief Strategist at Red Hat provides important guiding principles in selecting the right technology platform for your organization.

From  CHQMKT_NA on November 23rd, 2020

The chef is in the kitchen! Bring together the ingredients for a recipe that drives success for your business

Scott, a business owner sits down to talk to two consultants from IBM, Edda and Alok, about how to efficiently modernize mission-critical apps to be more reliable and secure without disrupting daily…

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Unlocking the business value of IT

James Bradshaw, banking reporter at the Globe and Mail and Hillery Hunter, VP and CTO of IBM Cloud discussing the business value of Cloud.

From  CHQMKT_NA on November 23rd, 2020

Digital Transformation Lessons

Mark Dymond, Partner of Cloud Application Services at IBM Services Canada and Charlotte Wang, Distinguished Engineer CTO at IBM Services Canada discussing digital transformation lessons.

From  CHQMKT_NA on November 23rd, 2020

Transformation of on-premise IT and its place in a hybrid multi-cloud world

Daniel Latimore, Chief Research Officer at Celent is joined by Chris Pratt and Spiros Mavromihelakis, both business unit executives in Technical Solutions for IBM Cloud; discussing the transformation…

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Hyper Protect Your Sensitive Data

Rohit Badlaney, Director of IBM Z and Nataraj Nagaratnam, CTO of Cloud Security at IBM talk about hyper protecting sensitive data and workloads in the IBM Cloud.

From  CHQMKT_NA on November 23rd, 2020

Forecasting customer demand with AI and Cloud

Dave Schleifstein, Manager of Business Intelligence from Pharmascience discussing the forecasting of customer demand with AI and Cloud.

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THINK Summit Canada - Modernize Your ERP

Most ERP software systems are too inflexible, outdated, and chaotic to obtain the business value to win, serve, and retain customers. Leaders want to modernize these application using cloud…

From  CHQMKT_NA on November 9th, 2020

Future-proofing your supply chain

How will Canadian companies improve or reinvent their supply chains to be ready for future disruptions that come their way? Hear from Enterprise leaders about what they have learned over the last few…

From  CHQMKT_NA on November 5th, 2020