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Badges and Teams

Successful design thinking teams operate as an ecosystem of different people with unique skills and responsibilities, working together to deliver human-centered experiences. Enterprise Design…

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Navigating SkillsBuild

Start building the skills you need for a role in tech! Begin your SkillsBuild journey with us! This video gives you a quick tour of the platform and the learning available to you.

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What are IBM Badges

Nick Falkingham and David Leaser from IBM discuss the IBM Open Badge Program. Check out IBM Badging and how you can broadcast your skills and expertise.

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IBM Open Badge Program_ Leading the way in IT nanocredentials

The future of IT credentials is about to change, and IBM is leading the way with the IBM Open Badge Program. "Nanocredentials" for resume-worthy activity. When an individual completes a…

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IBM Training & Skills_ The Future of Badging

Rob Shook interviews David Leaser and Jim Daniels from IBM Training and Skills about where badging is headed. The future is bright!

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Earn IBM badges on Coursera

Sonia Malik interviews Jim Daniels about badging for IBM courses on Coursera.

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Have you Taken Part in IBM Z's #DoubleTheMeal Coding Challenge?

Show your support to end world hunger. All students have to do is sign up for #MasterTheMainframe, a free online coding challenge for beginners, and finish level one – just an hour of your…

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