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#IBMforWater–Branded installation during World Water Week

During World Water Week 2019, IBM revealed an installation in Nairobi that leverages the refractive properties of water, to quite literally show how IBM is working with partners in Kenya RAPID…

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Nedbank generates more value from existing data using IBM API Connect software

Nedbank Ltd uses IBM API Connect software to gain a developer, management and distribution platform for its application programming interfaces (APIs). Read more: “API…

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First National Bank drives growth and prosperity across Africa

When I think about the IBM big data platform and how that feeds into that strategy, the appliance model is key so that we can take Ernst & Young library of anti-fraud tests and all our years of…

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Introduction to Big Data

Listen to students and teachers at university who explain what is Big Data.

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Cognitive computing concepts

Discover what is cognitive computing and how basic concepts like Cognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data fit together.

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Introduction to the Liberty JVM Server

WebSphere Liberty, Java EE application server, Integration with CICS and basics steps to configure are explained in this introduction to the Liberty JVM Server.

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Devops Deployment

Module 1 of DevOps deployment series is about strategy for DevOps deployment.

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Elevator Pitch for Agile

This video explains how to initiate conversations on Agile with client CxOs and how to discuss the business benefits of using Agile.

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New Collar Advisor

This video is about highly personalized career counseling - New Collar Advisor - and shows how a new university graduate uses it for investigating about roles, recommended jobs and education to close…

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Creating the development environment

This video explains how to configure CICS Explorer, including "Configure connectivity to CICS" and "Configure FTP connection".

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Main screens for Click mobile

The simulation provides an overview of main screens in Click Mobile application, used by Smart Meter Operatives on Hand Held Terminal: Log in - View Schedule - Job Details - Pre-work Site Checks -…

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Data Management

This animated scenario is about CVs management considering data lifecycle management principles.

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