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Farmers are Heroes: A conversation with Plan21 President Fabián Román

As one of the first participants in the IBM Sustainability Accelerator pro-bono social impact program, Plan21 Foundation for Sustainable Human Development is helping smallholder farmers in Latin…

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IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator

A purpose-built cloud acceleration platform that de-risks your modernization journey with built-in expert rules, automation tooling, technical assets, and industry starter kits packaged as hybrid…

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Startup with IBM Accelerator Sweden Success Story: SIB Solutions

Listen to SIB Solutioins talk about why they decided to join Startup with IBM Accelerator Sweden and how it has helped their business grow.

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IBM Accelerator Intro_SE_EN

Introduction to the Startup wiith IBM Accelerator Sweden Program. What we do, why we do it and how is it done.

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Return on Analytics and AI: The New Necessity - Tom Davenport

Listen to Tom Davenport, PhD, discuss the growing need to drive greater value from analytics and AI.

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Analytics and transactions together with Db2 Analytics Accelerator

Learn how IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator brings transactions and analytics together to exploit IBM Z data in-place for improved efficiency, smarter outcomes and competitive differentiation

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Get fast results with IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator

Learn how IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator can help your organization improve query response times for real time insight.

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IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator Overview

Tech startup program designed to build and scale the next generation of fintech and healthtech companies with solutions engineered to keep their sensitive data highly secured.

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finclude Verge Capital IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator class of 2020

finclude is a Ireland-based startup reinventing credit scoring within the EU, using AI, ML, and behavioral modeling technology.

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Well Kept Beauty IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator class of 2020

Well Kept Beauty is a United States-based telehealth app and service for skincare that combines medical and at-home care with imaging and doctor diagnosis.

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WayPay IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator class of 2020

Wayapay is a Kenya-based fintech startup focused on remittances and aims to reduce complexity, time, and fees, while deploying mobile money.

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PrivaKey IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator class of 2020

Privakey is a United States-based secure customer engagement platform focused on fraud and transaction security, identify and access management, and user-centric marketing technology.

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MyAllergy IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator class of 2020

myAllergy is a United Kingdom-based platform that connects people with restaurants, pharma companies, and doctors for food allergy, intolerance, and dietary restriction data.

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Motions Cloud IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator class of 2020

MotionsCloud is a German insurtech startup that helps car and home insurance companies streamline and automate claims processes using AI computer vision, mobile, and video communication technologies…

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Home Lending Pal IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator class of 2020

Home Lending Pal is a United States-based mortgage underwriting solution that reduces time to buy via its AI chatbot and success rate indicators.

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Galen Data IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator class of 2020

Galen Data is a United States-based healthtech AI-powered cloud platform for medical devices, telemedicine, and remote diagnosis…powered by AI.

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