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IBM Sustainability Accelerator - Resilient Cities

IBM is now accepting proposals for AI technology projects supporting more resilient cities. Nonprofit and governmental organizations can apply for the 2-year pro bono program offering IBM technology,…

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IBM Z Global Skills Accelerator Program introduces USA Pre-Apprentice, Earnest

Meet Earnest, a Pre-apprentice in the IBM Z Skills Global Accelerator Program. Earnest has had over 100 hours of mainframe training and is looking for an entry level position where he can expand his…

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How Indigenous perspectives can guide climate innovation for a just transition: IBM teams up with Net Zero Atlantic in Canada

To support a just transition, IBM® joined forces with nonprofit Net Zero Atlantic through the IBM Sustainability Accelerator to help enable informed climate decision-making and empower…

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How one IBMer is creating a more sustainable future for the island where he grew up

Through the IBM Sustainability Accelerator, a pro-bono social impact program, IBM volunteers donate their time, energy and expertise to help create lasting impact in communities around the world. And…

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IBM Sustainability Accelerator at COP28 with Justina Nixon

Speaking at several panels at COP28, Chief Impact Officer Justina Nixon shares how IBM’s Sustainability Accelerator uses data and AI to help communities most vulnerable to climate change.

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IBM Sustainability Accelerator: Collaborating for Impact in Water Management

IBM is furthering its commitment to sustainable innovation with projects focused on water management solutions as part of its global social impact program, the IBM Sustainability Accelerator. The…

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Accelerating sustainable agriculture with the IBM Sustainability Accelerator

IBM invites nonprofit, and government initiatives focused on water management to apply to the water RFP through the end of May 2023 at this link: In 2022, IBM launched…

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IBM Sustainability Accelerator and Aquality App on World Water Week 2023: AI and Design to Democratize Water Quality Monitoring

Evelina Pärnerud (Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, IBM), Soledad Piñero Misa (Part of More), Toon Segeren (Deltares) and Flemming Gertz (SEGES Innovation) chat about the…

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Introducing IBM Accelerators for Salesforce

Brief overview of the new IBM product line that accelerates implementation of Salesforce projects

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Transforming sustainable agriculture: The Nature Conservancy Centre and IBM unite to reduce crop residue burning in North India

CRM Connect, championed by TNC – The Nature Conservancy Centre (TNCC), India, offers valuable intelligence to farmers, agriculture sector leaders, and decision makers. Over 1,000 farmers are…

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Z Skills Client Success Story: Meet Gary Fusco, Engineering Director at M&T Bank

IBM Z Skills Global Accelerator program leader, Shelly Meierarend, interviews M&T Bank Engineering Director, Gary Fusco. Check out this brief interview to learn more about the program and the…

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IBM Z Global Virtual Career Fairs - April, 2024

IBM is sponsoring multiple half-day events around the world to connect job seekers with employers who are looking to hire into Mainframe roles. No-cost events for students, pre-apprentices, clients…

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Introducing the Aquality App: a solution to improve farming’s impact on water quality

Deltares, a non-profit research organization based in the Netherlands, teamed up with IBM to enhance and expand the reach of its Aquality app: a tech solution that helps farmers monitor nitrate…

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A conversation with Texas A&M AgriLife's Gurjinder Baath

Texas A&M AgriLife, one of the organizations in the IBM Sustainability Accelerator's first cohort focused on sustainable agriculture, is working to help farmers receive insights for water…

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IBM and Texas A&M AgriLife team up to help farmers address water scarcity

Water scarcity affects the livelihoods of small farmers around the world. IBM and Texas A&M AgriLife are collaborating through the IBM Sustainability Accelerator to deploy and scale Liquid Prep,…

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TensorFlow on IBM Integrated Accelerator for AI Video

IBM Telum features a dedicated on-chip AI Accelerator focused on delivering high-speed, real-time inferencing at scale. Learn how you can use this on-chip AI Accelerator with TensorFlow to create…

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