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Supere a complexidade das transações B2B com a IBM Supply Chain Business Network

Os ecossistemas de negócios envolvem milhares de transações. A necessidade de modernizar a cadeia de suprimentos e de liberar os recursos de TI para que se concentrem nos…

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Greenworks Tools automates manual transactions from their suppliers and partners using Document Conversion Services

Eric Doty, IT Manager at Greenworks Tools, shares how IBM Supply Chain Business Network helped them eliminate manual processes, saving 160 hours a week in labor entering in data and monitoring…

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The State of Order Management Systems and Commerce today

At the critical juncture where firms seek omnichannel coverage and forensic insights to inform strategy and sharpen execution, IBM commissioned IDG Connect to examine the state of the OMS and…

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Smarter Supply Chain

Learn how IBM is helping make supply chains smarter: AI-enabled solutions for supply chain professionals. Learn more about Smarter Supply Chain:

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IBM’s Journey to the World’s First Cognitive Supply Chain

80% of data is dark and unstructured, posing major visibility blindness to business. Are you ready to shine a light on dark data? Learn how AI builds smarter supply chains:…

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IBM Order Management: The Perfect Order

Clients are demanding more flexible fulfillment, and standard order management platforms may not manage more complex delivery requests efficiently. IBM Order Management can personalize your…

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IBM Order Management - OMS Business User Controls overview

Explore and understand how you can use OMS Business User Controls to manage your fulfillment network. Learn more:

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How IBM CPQ Enables Sellers to Provide a Better Customer Experience

Benefit from a better sales cycle enabled by IBM Configure, Price, Quote. The IBM Configure, Price, Quote platform does more than just streamline quotes and increase revenue by speeding…

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Best Practices for Implementing Retail Distributed Order Management Systems

Your brand is defined by the experience your customers have not just before the sale, but all the way through fulfilment. Is your business ready?Many companies are looking to Distributed Order…

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Order Management Dashboard and Actions with Barnali Mukherjee

The trend to omnichannel has made fulfillment processes more complex than ever before. Fulfillment professionals manage nodes and order, inventory visibility and sourcing and scheduling, all the…

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Deliver e-commerce profitably with an advanced AI solution_ Watson Order Optimizer

If you’re in a business that demands e-commerce omnichannel fulfillment, you know that complexity and costs are rising. Is your order management system keeping up? To manage more shipments,…

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Li and Fung - A Client Story

Manny Fernandez, Group Chief Technology Officer at Li & Fung, chose B2B Integrator as the single tool for all their integrations in order to automate, standardize and save costs. Explore how IBM…

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SEKO Logistics partners with IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights for real-time visibility 

Makenzie Dunford and Marc Gross from SEKO Logistics explain how they leverage AI through IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights to gain real-time visibility into potential disruptions before they impact a…

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Radial chooses IBM for B2B integration

Walt Bishop, an EDI Analyst at Radial, shares why he chose IBM B2B Integrator to help process billions of ship orders between his business partners seamlessly. Explore how IBM B2B Integrator can…

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Anheuser Busch chooses IBM Supply Chain Business Network for B2B transaction intelligence 

Nick Bonivento, EDI Manager at Anheuser Busch, Labatt Canada shares how Business Transaction Intelligence (BTI) with AI gives their business users end-to-end visibility into transaction lifecycles.…

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Visibilidad y monitorización de la cadena de suministro: Conclusiones y cierre

José Estrada, Director General del CEL - Centro Español de Logística, explica las principales conclusiones del workshop "Visibilidad y monitorización de la cadena de…

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