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Ricoh Latin America and IBM Services: Delivering exceptional technology support

Ricoh Latin America engaged IBM to provide technology support for its customers, freeing up the Ricoh IT team to work on solutions that improved and grew its business.

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IBM Blockchain for Technology Support Services

Would you like more transparency in your Tech Support billing processes for compliance and standardization? IBM Technology Support Services, powered by Blockchain helps streamline, automate your…

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IBM Augmented Reality for Technology Support Services

Augmented Reality from IBM makes your life easier (no matter if you are IBM’er or an IBM client). Augmented Remote Assist empowers you to solve your own hardware issues, whatever expertise…

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VE Commercial Vehicles + IBM Services: Simplified Manufacturing

With robust infrastructure services from IBM, VECV simplifies and streamlines coverage for its multi-vendor environment across locations, accelerating issue resolution, increasing productivity,…

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Watson in TSS (JPJA)

Watson をテクノロジー・サポートに統合することで、お客様サポートを改善し、IT による問題解決時間を短縮して、一度での問題解決を目指し、お客様が満足する結果を提供します

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Watson in TSS (BRPT)

Integração do Watson com o Suporte Técnico para melhorar o suporte ao cliente, o tempo de resolução de TI, a primeira resolução e os resultados do…

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Watson in TSS (COES)

Integrar Watson en el Soporte Técnico para mejorar el soporte al cliente, el tiempo de resolución de TI, la primera resolución y los resultados del cliente

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Watson in TSS (KRKO)

Watson을 기술 지원과 통합하여 고객 지원을 개선합니다. IT 장애 해결 시간을 단축하고, 장애가 발생하면 즉각 해결하며, 고객 평가를 향상할 수 있습니다.

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Open Source Software can help you innovate faster

Discover the smart way to manage the increasing complexity of a commercial and community open source software ecosystem. Organizations are adopting enterprise IT solutions based on open source…

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Portal for IBM Client Insights

Client Insights Portal in Technology Support Services provides key business value in assisting clients with inventory management and enables them to improve the availability and efficiency of their…

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How can I predict IT failure before it happens?

IBM Technology Support Services helps prevent incidents before they occur with advanced analytics for predictive and condition- based support. Technology Support Services leverages Watson advanced…

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Reinventing Technology Support with IBM Augmented Remote Assist

Augmented Remote Assist from IBM is a mobile app that gives technology support technicians instant access to the expertise they need to perform complex diagnostics or repairs, any time of the day,…

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IBM Predictive Maintenance Services

Predictive Maintenance is one of IBM key capabilities that help improve the customer experience by predicting problems before they occur. IBM Technology Support Services helps prevent incidents…

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Watson & IBM’s Technology Support – Improve Customer Service & Tech Support via Cognitive Computing

What differentiates IBM’s Technology Support Services (TSS) from its competitors? In addition to our global, trained field staff and decades of experience, IBM uses the power of Watson and its…

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IBM Technology Support Services for Network Security

Visit: Your network availability is crucial even as IT support budgets are being cut… and you have a lot invested in your IT network. Is it time to make…

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