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Transforme su empres con IBM Services financiados por IBM Global Financing

En este mundo altamente cambiante, las empresas se están enfrentando a desafíos para implementar y pagar por servicios de TI innovadores.

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STIHL – Connecting Technology And Budget In A Sustainable Way

STIHL, a manufacturer of chainsaws and handheld power equipments in Brazil, keeps its IT hardware up-to-date and recovers maximum value for its old assets with help of IBM Global Financing and IBM…

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C Suite conversation on enabling your transformation

Hear Jacqueline Woods, Former CMO and Vice President, Worldwide marketing at IBM Global Financing discuss strategies for accelerating transformation and growth for IBM Business Partners.

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Transform your enterprise with IBM Services financed by IBM Global Financing

In a rapidly changing world, businesses are facing challenges to deploy and pay for innovative IT services. IBM Global Financing offers customized financing and payment options for IT services,…

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IBM Rapid Financing App - Get more done, faster

This short video features the latest enhancements to the Rapid Financing app. This powerful app helps IBM Business Partners quickly generate client quotes, credit approvals, and simple financing…

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