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Easily Capture and Understand Your Documents Using AI

Do you need to accelerate data extraction and classification of your unstructured documents? See the new IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer in action including creation of a document class and…

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BDCI digitally transforms invoices with the IBM Digital Business Automation Platform

BDCI digitally transforms invoices with the IBM DBA Platform. The IBM DBA products have helped them alleviate a paper trail that was just becoming too burdensome. It has helped them create a workflow…

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IFox video

IFOX sought an enterprise content management solution that would allow it to integrate data from new acquisitions with existing records

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IBM Datacap Mobile Demo: Easy Document Capture for Effective Customer Engagement

This demonstration will review how Datacap mobile captures various types of documents and performs data extraction as well as stores the file for further use.

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Accelerate your GDPR Unstructured Data Discovery with StoredIQ Cartridges

Learn how the StoredIQ Cartridges, can help accelerate your ability to rapidly find and address an extensive set of EU personal data types

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IPD's Ultera/P8 for Enterprise Case Management for Insurance

BUSINESS PARTNER: IPD - Promoting Efficient, Effective Case Management across the Insurance Enterprise

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IBM and Box: Expanding Your Infrastructure To The Cloud

Collaboration with groups outside of your company is critical to your success, but how do you securely share and work with documents outside your firewall? IBM and Box transform work in the cloud…

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Prolifics delivers end-to-end solutions with IBM Smarter Process

Prolifics, an IBM Premier Business Partner, helps its customers solve complex business problems. With the IBM Smarter Process suite of products, Prolifics can help each customer come up with a…

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