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Visite guidée interactive du produit MaaS360 - Politique de personnalisation du lieu de travail

Optimisez la productivité en déplacement en fournissant à chaque utilisateur, groupe et espace de travail un accès protégé aux applications, contenus et…

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MaaS360 Interaktive Produkttour – Persona-Richtlinien für den Arbeitsplatz

Sorgen Sie auch unterwegs für maximale Produktivität, indem Sie für jeden Benutzer, jede Gruppe und an jedem Arbeitsplatz geschützten Zugriff auf die unternehmensweiten Apps,…

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Tour interattivo di prodotto MaaS360 - Politiche di profilo personale sul lavoro

Ottimizza la produttività mobile offrendo a ciascun utente, gruppo e area di lavoro l’accesso protetto alle app, ai contenuti e ai dati aziendali necessari. Registrati per la…

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Visita guiada interactiva del producto MaaS360: política de identidad de WorkPlace

Maximice la productividad fuera de la oficina dando a cada usuario, grupo y espacio de trabajo acceso protegido a las aplicaciones, el contenido y los datos corporativos que necesiten. …

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IBM Business Automation Workflow: Workplace Demo

This is a demo video for a new feature of IBM Business Automation Workflow, called Workplace – a collaborative space for managing and completing work. Business Automation Workflow is a key…

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Innovation in a virtual-first reality with IBM Garage - LA - CO-ES

Enterprises are adapting to new ways of working as they pivot from old patterns of work and physical models to the new normal. The most successful businesses will be able to pivot and adapt with…

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Innovation in einer Virtual-First-Realität mit IBM Garage

Für Woodsidev IBM Garage ist ein Innovations framework, über das wir Innovationen in Ihr Unternehmen bringen.

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L'innovation dans une réalité virtuelle d'abord avec IBM Garage

Pour Woodsidev IBM Garage est une infrastructure d’innovation qui nous permet de placer l’innovation au cœur de votre entreprise.

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Diversity, inclusion, and innovation: how to lead through change

As we close the main broadcast, we pose to the audience, what will it take to bring your teams along with you? As leaders in financial services, from across functions and business lines, it’s…


The future workplace: what returning to work will look like

Recent announcements from major institutions have run the gamut when it comes to their plans for staffing. Some have announced remote working policies extending indefinitely, while others have…


The C-suite imperative: How strategy is changing pre- and post-pandemic

This panel of c-level tech executives will discuss how their technology strategies and priorities have evolved over the past nine months. They will offer insight in how they are working hand in glove…


Resiliency through digital innovation

For more than a decade, BBVA has been a digital pioneer that foresaw the impact of the digital revolution on the industry and boldly embraced a vision that leveraged technology as the means to a…


Enhancing compliance and security to drive innovation

To the frustration of many innovative leaders — whether in IT or in the business — regulatory compliance, third- or fourth-party risk, and security requirements often stop transformation…


Regulators’ perspectives: Where do we go from here?

With ongoing uncertainty around the impacts of COVID-19 and the U.S. political landscape, financial services institutions need to re-evaluate their risk profiles. Growing from the turbulence of this…


Security everywhere: Taking on the new cyber risk landscape

It is indisputable that the 2020 has tested vulnerabilities in security. More remote work means more unsecured network access points and cybercriminals are taking advantage of it. Reports of phishing…


Leading ordinary people to extraordinary success

Leadership is the biggest difference. It is the difference between good performance and great performance. World class performance requires world class leadership.In challenging situations, or a…