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Transforming applications to compete in a digital world application transformation webinar

Organizations are investing in modernizing their application portfolios. This means optimizing business operating models within a hybrid cloud strategy to drive cost efficiency, increase productivity…

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Promonotry Executive Summit - Nov. 4, 2021

On November 4, Promontory held a virtual executive summit, CFPB Developments: Fair Lending and Beyond. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was established to ensure that banks, lenders…

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BRF + IBM: Simplificamos la Gestión de la Multinube Híbrida

BRF S.A. es uno de los principales productores de alimentos frescos y congelados que opera en 150 países. Conoce su transformación digital.

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BRF + IBM: simplificando o Hybrid Multicloud Management

A BRF S.A. é um dos maiores produtores de alimentos frescos e congelados do mundo, que chegam a 150 países. Conheça sua transformação digital.

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SPSS Statistics webinar: Powerful analysis is a click away with SPSS Statistics

This webinar showcases how clients can take advantage of SPSS Statistics to deliver powerful analytics driven outcomes. The webinar features a detailed demo of the capabilities and new features…

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Soluciones de continuidad de negocio y gestión de picos de demanda: IBM Cloud y VMWare

Las razones que motivaron las decisiones de los responsables TI sobre cloud y sobre continuidad de negocio han cambiado: el entorno económico es impredecible y los picos de demanda no son una…

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Technisys & Cyberbank: Plataforma de Banco Digital

No webinar Technisys & Cyberbank, Ricardo Zuasti trará sua perspectiva sobre a transformação digital do setor financeiro e os caminhos que a tecnologia nos traz.

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Temenos: Tendências no Setor Financeiro

Vivemos um momento de incertezas e de transformação no setor financeiro. Para a sua nova realidade, a IBM traz uma aliança estratégica com alto desempenho para uma…

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IBM Watson AIOPs¿Cómo optimizar todos nuestros recursos para mejorar nuestra eficiencia?

Watson AIOps ayuda a resolver problemas de TI complejos de forma rápida para minimizar las interrupciones del servicio y evitar paradas

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Time to get on top of your core enterprise application modernization

IBM/IDC webinar on Core Enterprise Application with IDC's research director John O'Brien and IBMs Global CTO for SAP services Allan Coulter

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Digital events essentials

Approach your digital events with these key recommendations in mind.

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A Great Inspriration Marketing Strategy Matters Now More Than Ever

13 November 2020A Great Inspriration MarketingStrategy Matters now more than everWebinar on supercharging customer experience in the new normal

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Distributed Cloud for Telco Networks and Edge

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Distributed Cloud for Financial Services

Distributed Cloud for Financial Services IT round table with interviewer James Maguire, Editor at Datamation and IBM experts discussing IBM Cloud Satellite. A transformation that leverages Red Hat…

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4 easy steps to cut your TCO in half with cloud DR & Backup

Four easy steps to saving money and reducing TCO, where you can leverage cloud for backup and disaster recovery. Looking at possibilities that exists to optimize your operational efficiencies and…

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Meeting at the crossroads of edge computing and automation

In this webinar, Gartner discusses today's top edge computing business use cases, as well as the technical drivers that require an edge computing strategy. IBM's Rob High also explains how…

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