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Controlar la complejidad transaccional entre empresas con IBM Supply Chain Business Network

Los ecosistemas empresariales tienen miles de transacciones. Es clave modernizar la cadena de suministro y liberar al equipo de soporte técnico para que se centre en los desafíos.

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IBM Commerce Insights (Portuguese)

Com o Commerce Insights, comerciantes da web, podem agora tomar ações diretas e imediatas baseadas no desempenho de seus negócios e tomar as melhores decisões.

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Transformez vos données en actions avec Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Mettez les données à disposition de vos équipes pour des décisions plus éclairées avec Watson Customer Experience Analytics. Pour en savoir plus : …

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La clave para mejorar la Experiencia de Cliente

En este webinar analizaremos las ventajas que ofrece Customer Experience Analytics (CXA), la solución de IBM que permite monitorizar los canales digitales y mejorar así la experiencia…

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Fossil's journey implementing Omnichannel Order Management

This webinar describes how Fossil Group Inc., an Internet Retailer Top 500 company, improved their customer's experience by implementing omnichannel order management

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Insights from Petco @ IBM THINK 2019

Empowering business users to get the most current status information on orders, shipments and invoices can be challenging for many organizations. Hear from Petco how they are enabling better B2B and…

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Insights from Scotiabank @ IBM THINK 2019

Hear Suman Sidhu, Director of Payments Modernization at Scotiabank, discuss IBM's new Global Mailbox 6.0 with Jeanette Barlow, VP of Offering Management and Strategy for Watson Supply Chain at…

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Insights from Li & Fung at IBM Think 2019

Manuel Fernandez, Group Chief Technology Officer at Li & Fung, sits down with Jeanette Barlow, the VP of Offering Management and Strategy for Watson Supply Chain at IBM at Think 2019 during the…

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B2B Collaboration Client Webinar: A Sneak-peak Into the Next Release of IBM Transformation Extender

IBM Transformation Extender (ITX) automates complex transformation and validation of data between a range of different formats and standards.Get comprehensive, any-to-any connectivity supporting…

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Personalized online experience for every customer in real-time with Watson Marketing

Watson Marketing provides a deep understanding of visitors online behavior, so you can offer each one a customized experience.

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Jak v práci přestat ztrácet čas a mít toho ještě více pod kontrolou

For marketers only: How to win back our time and stay in control of our job. Irena Schoepp, IBM CZ CMO and Tomas Pucha, CZ Marketing Institute CMO are discussing: What eats up…

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Deliver personalization in your constituents journey to higher education

Today’s higher education institutions are going through a transition. An inflection point, that will require them to rethink their constituent outreach program, either resulting in higher…

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Travaillez plus intelligemment avec Watson Marketing

En automatisant les tâches répétitives et en connectant vos données clients, les solutions Watson Marketing vous permettent de vous concentrer sur la…

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Connaissez-vous vraiment Jack?

Avec Watson Marketing, vous disposez d'une plateforme Marketing enrichie d'IA qui connecte et donne un sens à vos données. Vous pouvez ainsi connaître vos clients…

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B2B Integration Animated Video

Discover how you can simplify and modernize your B2B network by automating manual processes, improving the information flow across B2B relationships, and ensuring that critical transactions and…

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Pracuj sprytniej z Watson Marketing

Odkrywaj praktyczne spostrzeżenia i kreuj spersonalizowane doświadczenia, których klienci oczekują i które będą cenić. Wiecej informacji:

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