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Controlar la complejidad transaccional entre empresas con IBM Supply Chain Business Network

Los ecosistemas empresariales tienen miles de transacciones. Es clave modernizar la cadena de suministro y liberar al equipo de soporte técnico para que se centre en los desafíos.

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IBM Commerce Insights (Portuguese)

Com o Commerce Insights, comerciantes da web, podem agora tomar ações diretas e imediatas baseadas no desempenho de seus negócios e tomar as melhores decisões.

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Transformez vos données en actions avec Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Mettez les données à disposition de vos équipes pour des décisions plus éclairées avec Watson Customer Experience Analytics. Pour en savoir plus : …

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Insights from Petco @ IBM THINK 2019

Empowering business users to get the most current status information on orders, shipments and invoices can be challenging for many organizations. Hear from Petco how they are enabling better B2B and…

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B2B Integration Animated Video

Discover how you can simplify and modernize your B2B network by automating manual processes, improving the information flow across B2B relationships, and ensuring that critical transactions and…

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Webinar Recording_11-01 Announcing New Catalog Features Supply Chain Business Networks (SCBN)

Don’t limit your sales opportunities and potential revenue simply because the partners you work with still operate using paper-based communications! Now with new catalog features and…

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Putting Fulfillment at the Heart of Customer Experience

In an environment of “have it my way” consumers and digital transformation pressures, you as a retailer are in a race to deliver a differentiated and superlative customer experience. …

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