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Building a more resilient city with digital credentials - Full cut

How do you safely reopen a city during a global crisis? Jeanine Ramirez, New York City journalist and reporter, takes a look at how digital credentials can help cities reopen and get citizens back to…

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Building a more resilient city with digital credentials - Social cut

Building a stronger social fabric takes true collaboration and unified action. IBM is helping new networks convene to ensure we can emerge smarter and prepare for future global challenges

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The need to vaccinate a population urgently - How Ireland rose to the challenge

With 7m+ doses of Covid vaccine administered to the Irish population, see how HSE and IBM together overcame societal and operational challenges to achieve this.

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William Kassler, Vaccine Management 2

Since we will still be in the throes of the pandemic in the next 6-12 months, William Kassler, IBM Chief Medical Officer, Government Health and Human Services, explains how its crucial for…

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Vaccines Manufacturing in Response to COVID-19

Matthew Duchars, CEO of the UK Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC), speaks about the organisation's purpose, how they rapidly expanded and significantly accelerated the project…

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