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Quantum error mitigation and the path to useful quantum computing

A research paper from IBM Quantum and UC Berkeley has delivered compelling evidence suggesting that today’s noisy, error-prone quantum computers will soon be able to solve truly useful problems…

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2023 Quantum Summit Keynote

IBM is ushering in the next era of quantum computing: the era of quantum utility. IBM quantum computers are now capable of producing high-fidelity results outside of exact classical simulation. In…

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IBM Quantum System Two - Unveiling

Introducing the IBM Quantum System Two, the world’s first modular utility-scale quantum computer system.

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Purging those pesky older (inactive) instances of DBDs and PSBs in the IMS catalog

This video describes: Instances of DBDs and PSBs in the IMS catalog Time stamps and the retention parameter in the catalog How to run the IMS Catalog Record Purge utility Best practices for…

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IBM Quantum-UC Berkeley experiment shows path to useful quantum computing

A joint IBM Quantum -UC Berkeley experiment shows quantum computers delivering reliable, accurate results for challenging simulation problems at a scale of 127 qubits. This scale is far beyond exact…

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z/TPF Internship: Internals (Part Two)

An educational overview of the internals of z/TPF.

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