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IBM SPSS Statistics 28 Table Editing Improvements

The video shows improvements made to Table Editing in the IBM SPSS Statistics, version 28. Learn more about SPSS Statistics. Take the 30-day, no-cost trial.

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY

15 Tabulations Tab C.mp4

This video teaches to use the Tabulation Tab.

From  Michael Archdeacon

04 Create Qnn Masterdata Participants C.mp4

Create a Questionnaire, Complete Master Data and Participants Tabs.

From  Michael Archdeacon

05 Create Qnn Layout C.mp4

Create a Questionnaire, Complete Layout Tab.

From  Michael Archdeacon

05 EnterValues_TermsTab_C.mp4

This video teaches to enter values to Term variables on the Terms Tab. It assumes that you already know what Terms are.

From  Michael Archdeacon


This video teaches to add lines to a previously created lines template via the Lines Tab in the Contract Editor.

From  Michael Archdeacon


This video teaches to use the Language Tab to edit Term Values. Also taught: the context-sensitive Clause Toolbar and the Contents Panel.

From  Michael Archdeacon


This video teaches to use the Word Editor to edit Term Values.Also taught: the Contents Panel, the Mark Clauses Menu and the Emptoris Ribbon.

From  Michael Archdeacon


This video demonstrates how to populate meta-data about your new contract on the Header Tab.

From  Michael Archdeacon


This video demonstrates how to add and edit the contract negotiating parties both from your company and from your prospective partner.

From  Michael Archdeacon