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The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of IBM Security Randori

Forrester Consulting recently conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of IBM Security Randori to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may gain by deploying the…

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Boeing seeks new ways to engineer strong, lightweight materials

Boeing and IBM Quantum explore a future where quantum computers support aerospace engineering -- and set a new record for quantum problem-solving in the process.

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JSR and IBM Quantum envision a revolution in semiconductor manufacturing

IBM and JSR chart a new future for the global semiconductor industry, with quantum computing solutions to hard chemical engineering problems.

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花旗银行如何利用 IBM LinuxONE 推动可持续发展

聆听花旗集团执行董事 Martin Kennedy 讲述其企业如何利用 IBM LinuxONE 精简数据中心、降低能源消耗。

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Citi 은행이 IBM LinuxONE을 통해 지속 가능성을 촉진하는 방법

Citigroup이 IBM LinuxONE으로 데이터 센터를 간소화하고 에너지 소비를 줄이는 방법에 관해 Citigroup의 관리 디렉터 Martin Kennedy가 전하는 이야기를 들어보세요.

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CitiのIBM LinuxONEを使ったサステナビリティー促進事例

CitiがIBM LinuxONEにより、どのようにデータセンターを合理化し、エネルギー消費量を削減したか、Citiグループ取締役であるMartin Kennedy氏の話をお聞きください。 サステナブルなLinuxONEの詳細はこちら :

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Own your impact: Practical pathways to transformational sustainability

We’ve reached an inflection point. For some time, the role of business in sustainability has received steadily increasing attention from companies and their stakeholders. But over the past…

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Toyota + IBM :さらにスマートで よりデジタルな工場へ

トヨタ インディアナ工場では、1分に1台の新車が組立ラインで出来上がります。その車両の組み立てにおける各プロセスは完璧でなければならず、ダウンタイムと欠陥をゼロにすることがビジネス上重要です。トヨタが、IBM Maximo Health and Predictを使用し、さらにスマートで、よりデジタルな工場を作り出す方法をご覧ください。

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IBMグローバル経営層スタディ CIO Study 2021 CIO革命

IBM Institute for Business Value(IBV)は最高情報責任者(CIO)や最高技術責任者(CTO)などの CxO(経営層)レベルのテクノロジー・リーダー 5,000…

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Partnering with eBiZolution to drive Digital Transformation in the Philippines

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株式会社JERAの変革 デジタル・パワープラント・プロジェクト


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New innovations in WebSphere -- an application platform for all your enterprise’s needs

Successful Application Modernization is essential to increase agility and to free up organizations to focus on innovation. The WebSphere Portfolio of solutions can help deliver successful application…

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IBMグローバル経営層スタディ CEO Study 2021

IBM Institute for Business…

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Study Skills - Get the Combo!

Get the tips and insights of two courses at once presented to you by guest students and teachers!

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Success Stories | Case XP Inc.

A parceria entre IBM e XP Inc. usa a tecnologia como peça-chave na transformação digital da gigante de investimentos. A implementação da tecnologia #IBMWatson…

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