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Set up your Ansible control node for getting started with Ansible for IBM Z

This video demonstrates how to set up your Red Hat Ansible control node for getting started automating processes for IBM Z with Ansible. The resources mentioned can be found at the following links:…


Z_Japanese RA Bidding Rules.mp4

This video depicts the initiation of a Japanese Reverse Auction, including Bidding Rules, and describes how such an auction works.

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JD

RFP 5 Qs Single and Multi Selection Weighting.mp4

This video teaches to create both Single and Multi Selection Questions, reviews the Weighting screen and Opens the RFP.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 3 Qs Integer YN and Table.mp4

This video creates 3 new Qs, an Integer, a YN and a Table.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 1 BiddingRules Setup Recap.mp4

Explains RFP video series, reviews Wizard screens used for set-up and explains Bidding Rules. Downloads available at Playlist and video descriptions.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 2 Qs Multi and Single Line and YN.mp4

This video creates a Section and three Qs: multi-line, single-line and yes/no.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 4 Edit Q Add Attachment.mp4

This video teaches to Edit a Saved Q and add a Buyer Attachment to a Q.

From  Michael Archdeacon