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Z_Japanese RA Bidding Rules.mp4

This video depicts the initiation of a Japanese Reverse Auction, including Bidding Rules, and describes how such an auction works.

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JD

08 Clone an Auction C.mp4

This video shows Buyers how to Clone an existing auction, carrying forward things like Bidding Rules, Lots, Items, Participants, etc.

From  Michael Archdeacon

05 Create Lots Items C.mp4

This video demonstrates the creation of Lots and Items.

From  Michael Archdeacon

07 Bidding Rules C.mp4

This video demonstrates how to establish Bidding Rules. It references the Annotation File.

From  Michael Archdeacon


This video discusses inviting Suppliers and other Buyers to participate in an auction. Inputting incumbents is also included.

From  Michael Archdeacon

03 Scourcing Described Auction Initiated C.mp4

Video describes the IBM Emptoris Sourcing product. It demonstrates the initiation of an RFx for English Reverse Auction and inclusion of currencies.

From  Michael Archdeacon


This video explains the role of Field Definitions, including Item Fields. Also explained are Bid Fields.

From  Michael Archdeacon

01 Create a Reverse Auction C.mp4

This video runs long in order to demonstrate from start to finish how a user with a modest amount of training can create and run a Reverse Auction.

From  Michael Archdeacon

02 Live Auction Supplier View C.mp4

This long video shows a start-to-finish auction from the POV of 1 of 3 bidding Suppliers. She views on-screen input from competitors and the buyer.

From  Michael Archdeacon