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The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of IBM Security Randori

Forrester Consulting recently conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of IBM Security Randori to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may gain by deploying the…

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IBM Security Randori: Threat exposure management

IBM Security Randori combines external attack surface management with continuous automated red teaming to serve as the foundation for an effective continuous threat exposure management (CTEM)…

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IBM Security Randori: Continuous security validation

Target security gaps and blind spots through continuous validation of your security programs. IBM Security Randori helps you pinpoint your attackable software instances that are most enticing to…

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IBM Security Randori: Shadow IT discovery

Discover assets unknown to your organization, on-premises or in cloud, before an attacker does. With Randori Recon, you gain insights from an adversarial perspective to prioritize threats and make…

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IBM Security Randori: M&A risk management

Discover potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses during mergers and acquisitions by using IBM Security Randori Recon to actively defend your external attack surface against unknown threats.

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IBM Security Randori Overview

Learn how Randori can assist in staying one step ahead of malicious hackers by seeing the target business as they do, which can help drive down response times and mitigate the risks of costly data…

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What is ASM (Attack Surface Management)?

What is the attack surface and why does it need managing, you ask? In this video, Sam Hector explains just what ASM is and how it can help you respond proactively to threats and stop them before…

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