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Gestão de Acesso Privilegiado (PAM)

Este vídeo explica os desafios de gerenciar usuários privilegiados através de uma infraestrutura técnica em expansão e apresenta a solução IBM…

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Privilege Access Management (PAM) Explainer Video

This video explains the challenges of managing privileged users across an expanding technical infrastructure and introduces IBM Verify solution set to achieve least privilege, zero trust, compliance…

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IBM Security Secret Server를 통한 안전한 계정 관리

IBM Security Secret Server를 활용하면, 사용자의 권한 자격에 따른 엑세스를 완벽하게 제어할 수 있습니다. 데모 화면을 통해 IBM Security Secret Server의 기능과 설정 방법을 확인하시기 바랍니다.

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Lufthansa + IBM: Journey to AI Audiogram

First of all, we wanted to test the Watson products with a real use case to understand how to make use of these technologies. So we started to use IBM Watson products, including Watson explorer,…

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IBM Presents: Transforming a Finnish energy business with data and AI

Vapo Oy – once a traditional Finnish energy company – is on a journey to providing higher value-add products and digitalized services for its customers in the Nordics and across the…

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