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IBM Turbonomic Master Class: Managing multicloud sprawl and runaway costs with automation

A technical session where we deep dive into how to use IBM Turbonomic to better manage AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes and more.

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IBM Turbonomic: cloud cost optimization

Explore how IBM Turbonomic continuously optimizes both cloud performance and costs. Turbonomic’s cloud cost management tools work with public, private, multicloud and hybrid cloud environments…

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Create and Modernize Applications with DevOps envisioned for Hybrid Cloud

This session will focus on how clients can integrate and modernize their existing zSystems applications, and how to develop an agile continuous integration and deployment pipeline for both IBM…

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Modernize business-critical applications with compilers and programming languages

The latest compiler and language portfolio on IBM Z provide significant benefits for organizations looking to modernize business critical applications for the hybrid cloud. This webinar covers latest…

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Let's rethink cloud operations

If designed your cloud operations for a new company, what would you automate to ensure application performance at the lowest cost? Find out.

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Asset investment optimizer overview

In IBM Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities, you can use the Asset investment optimizer page to generate optimized investments for your assets and achieve your business and operational goals. For…

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How to control cloud spend with FinOps reporting and automation technologies

Learn how you can get started with FinOps to reign in cloud spend and optimize both cloud spend and application performance with IBM Turbonomic and Flexera One with IBM Observability.

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Automating License Compliance and Resource Optimization

Real-time visibility to manage risk in IT environments, assure performance and optimize IT asset spend through automation.

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WebSphere Automation- Fix History

Experience how WebSphere Automation's newest capability, fix history, will enable operations teams to act quickly and provide evidence of compliance while patching security vulnerabilities.

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IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer Assistant Demo

How much money could you be saving on running your COBOL applications? This video demos the ABO Assistant that comes with the Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS (ABO).Provide IBM Automatic Binary…

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演示:IBM Maximo MRO 库存优化

IBM Maximo MRO Inventory Optimization 通过提供准确、详细的性能信息,帮助优化维护和运营 (MRO) 库存。

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ABO Assistant Overview

This video introduces ABO Assistant that comes with the Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS (ABO). It is the latest innovation in the ABO 2.1 offering and is designed to simplify ABO evaluation and…

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AI in Oil, Gas & Energy: Drilling Optimization and Engineering Projects

The video describes the work that IBM is leading in the oil and gas industry in AI and advanced data science. The video speaks to the Drilling Optimization and Engineering projects. IBM AI Platform…

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AI in Oil, Gas and Energy: Geosciences and production optimization

The video describes the work that IBM is leading in the oil and gas industry in AI and advanced data science. The video speaks to production optimization of complex operational plant environments as…

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Inventory model and Benefits report overview - IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer with Watson

Discover how the inventory model of IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer with Watson optimizes your inventory and your orders to maximize your benefits. With the Benefits report of Fulfillment…

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What’s new in CPLEX Optimization Studio 20.1

Find out what's new in CPLEX Optimization Studio 20.1.

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