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Indosat reinvents the contact center with IBM

Indosat Ooredoo was seeking to enhance customer experience and agent productivity by embedding digital in all customer interactions. Indosat Ooredoo collaborated with IBM to modernize its contact…

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Experience the Power of AI in Watson Order Optimizer

With Watson, you can reduce your cost per order and increase customer satisfaction by optimizing the routing of online customer orders across both your distribution centers and physical stores. To…

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Fossil's journey implementing Omnichannel Order Management

This webinar describes how Fossil Group Inc., an Internet Retailer Top 500 company, improved their customer's experience by implementing omnichannel order management

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Delivering Omnichannel Engagement with IBM Digital Experience

Digital channels are exploding! With so many channels, it becomes harder and harder to create memorable, consistent impressions in each one! Also, supporting personalized content on all these…

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IBM Omni-channel Order Management

Consumers expect what they want, when and where they want it. They expect a positive experience, before, during and after purchase. Can you do this for your customers? Your competitors can! Do you…

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GDPR is here. What's next for marketers?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect, and feedback indicates many companies doing business globally are defaulting their policies to be compliant, whether or not their…

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Creating Differentiated Brand Experiences with IBM Digital Commerce

Creating high quality eCommerce experiences is not as difficult as you might think. Only IBM has a modern commerce platform that allows organizations to go on the offensive instead of playing catch…

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GDPR Has Arrived. What Does This Mean for Online Sellers

The GDPR journey has begun. What are your solution providers doing to help you be compliant? Join this webinar to find out how IBM Watson Commerce helps online sellers meet the new, stringent data…

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The secret to getting 301% ROI on your ideation process? IBM Design Thinking

IBM Design Thinking is our approach to applying user-centric design at speed and scale to the modern enterprise. It’s a framework to help teams not only form intent but deliver measurable…

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