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Ctera File Services with IBM Cloud Object Storage Webinar 11092021

The Post-Corona Business world challenged businesses in many ways, requiring them to quickly shift from a predominate centralized office model to a remote office environment, while maintaining a…

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Introduction to IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) 10072021

Our customers are experiencing growth of unstructured data leading to challenges with traditional storage technologies and processes. IBM Cloud Object Storage is a framework that delivers data…

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What is Object Storage?

Object storage enables you to store large amounts of data in a highly scalable manner. Whether you have a server, web application, or a back-up requirement, you can easily store your data with object…

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Block Storage vs. File Storage

Block and File storage are the two most commonly used kinds of storage - but have you ever wondered about the difference between them? In this video, Bradley Knapp explains those differences, the…

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IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) 30 Minute Challenge 06242021

Can IBM Cloud Object Storage System (COS) be installed, configured, and online in less than 30 minutes? Listen to this webinar session to see how it can be done on a personal laptop with VMware…

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z/TPF Internship: Program Management (Part Two)

An educational overview of program management for z/TPF.

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z/TPF Internship: Build Tooling

An educational overview of the z/TPF build process.

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IBM Cloud Object Storage Level 301 04152021

This session will cover a deep dive into the IBM Cloud Object Storage System with emphasis on data reliability and durability, plus detailed case study reviews. This session goes deep into the…

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Monitoring IBM Cloud Object Storage as an external storage tier for IBM Spectrum Scale

Learn how to use IBM Spectrum Control to monitor IBM Cloud Object Storage as an external storage tier for a IBM Spectrum Scale cluster. For more information, see IBM Spectrum Control Sign up for…

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El dato en la nube como activo diferencial. IBM Cloud Object Storage

IDC junto con IBM organizó el Webinar “El dato en la nube como activo diferencial” en el que se habló sobre las tendencias y sobre los retos a los que se enfrentan las…

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Alfredo Micarelli - Carbon Footprint Requirements

We all recognize that IT infrastructure decisions impact space, electrical and cooling budgets but have your clients ever asked about the impact IT has on the environment? This week's expert…

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Louise Hemond-Wilson - Solution Design

Why would somebody care about the human dimension of IT solution design? Solutions that get used and make an impact on a person's life are the ones that get funded. In this video IBM…

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Susan Proietti Conti - Disaster Recover Center Costs

Deploying a new Disaster Recovery Data Center is a great time to investigate IT optimization opportunities. Enter Susan Proietti-Conti, Executive Project Manager with IBM's IT Economics team.…

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Robert Chesebrough - IBM Visual Insights Social Distancing Alerts

New problems demand new solutions. By now, we have all heard the terms "Social Distancing" and "Flattening the Curve". Learn how Bob Chesebrough, IBM Data Scientist, is applying…

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Srirama Krishnakumar - IT Modernization

Imagine being faced with moving workloads (supported by 50 million lines of Cobol Code) to x86 and Public Cloud. Is there a better path to IT Modernization? Join Srirama Krishnakumar, IBM IT…

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Co-Creation | World Wide Client Experience Centers | IBM

This week's video features Elisabeth Stahl, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Leader of our IBM Garage for Systems Co-Creation Labs. Elisabeth explains how IBM'ers and our clients work…

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