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Pebble Beach 借助 IBM Planning Analytics 打造最佳购物体验

通过与 Locus 解决方案合作,Pebble Beach 部署了 IBM Planning Analytics 来帮助其零售部门分析库存水平,优化采购,并提高商品的使用价值。 最终,Pebble Beach能够使门店上架的尽是热销商品,促销热卖,并帮助顾客找到心仪的旅行纪念品。

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Vaasan Oy uses IBM Analytics to analyze social media and customer behavior

Vaasan Oy, one of the leading bakery operators in Northern Europe, gains greater visibility into its data to help make better decisions. Read more: Jonas Hagner, Group IT…

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Pebble Beach creating the best shopping experience with IBM Planning Analytics

Working with Locus Solutions, Pebble Beach deployed IBM Planning Analytics to help its retail division analyze inventory levels, optimize purchasing and make better use of merchandise. As a result,…

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