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Powering Up AI Innovation

Tune in to see some of the latest innovation such as the Mayflower Autonomous Ship. Understand the technologies behind and how they could transform our future. We will also explore the IT…

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Louise Hemond-Wilson - Solution Design

Why would somebody care about the human dimension of IT solution design? Solutions that get used and make an impact on a person's life are the ones that get funded. In this video IBM…

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Susan Proietti Conti - Disaster Recover Center Costs

Deploying a new Disaster Recovery Data Center is a great time to investigate IT optimization opportunities. Enter Susan Proietti-Conti, Executive Project Manager with IBM's IT Economics team.…

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Robert Chesebrough - IBM Visual Insights Social Distancing Alerts

New problems demand new solutions. By now, we have all heard the terms "Social Distancing" and "Flattening the Curve". Learn how Bob Chesebrough, IBM Data Scientist, is applying…

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Srirama Krishnakumar - IT Modernization

Imagine being faced with moving workloads (supported by 50 million lines of Cobol Code) to x86 and Public Cloud. Is there a better path to IT Modernization? Join Srirama Krishnakumar, IBM IT…

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Artificial Intelligence at Scale | IBM

IBM Executive HPC/AI Architect, Clarisse Taaffe-Hedglin, discusses how your company can take AI from prototype to production using IBM's Watson Machine Learning Accelerator AI software combined…

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zOS on the Mainframe [IBM] | Modernize Your Environment

Frank DeGilio, Distinguished Engineer and self proclaimed CTO for Mainframe “Declunkification”, introduces the topic of Z Modernization. He explains how IBM is helping z/OS clients…

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Fiber Channel Endpoint Security | IBM

With the recent introduction of IBM z15 and the all flash storage array of DS8900, comes an easy to deploy, Fiber Channel Endpoint Security Solution. Patty Driever, Senior Technical Staff Member in…

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Edge Computing | IBM

Christine Ouyang, DE - IBM Systems Edge Computing, takes viewers on a tour of the Edge Computing distributed computing paradigm and a reference architecture for Edge Computing. She brings it to life…

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Welcome to AI Center of Competence at IBM

Join Dustin VanStee, Lead Data Scientist for IBM Garage for Systems as he introduces the AI Center of Competence (AICoC). He explains how our team of Infrastructure Architects, Data Scientists and…

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#ThinkIsrael - AI capabilities to accelerate HPC products - Bar Shmerling, Cognitive&AI solutions Technical-Sales - Power Systems, IBM Systems, IBM Israel

AI capabilities to accelerate HPC products - Bar Shmerling, Cognitive&AI solutions Technical-Sales - Power Systems, IBM Systems, IBM Israel

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数据管理无需愁,高性能计算显身手- IBM数销中心 2020年精选热卖


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New GPU benchmark from IBM Cloud MapD and Bitfusion

Learn more about high performance computing solutions on IBM Cloud at Ah the power of partnerships! IBM Cloud together with MapD and Bitfusion were able to…

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Affordable flexible high-performance computing with Bitfusion and IBM Cloud

To learn more about high-performance computing on IBM Cloud visit: Bitfusion provides innovative software that accelerates applications with order of magnitude performance gains. Scale up on a…

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Lab7 High-Performance Genomic Cloud Powered by IBM Storage

Lab7 achieves the high scalability and fast through-put required to process genomic data by building their HPC in a cloud with IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Spectrum Computing. Read more:…

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Nuance optimizes performance with IBM Spectrum Scale

To enable real-time understanding of natural language, Nuance uses IBM Spectrum Scale to give its R&D teams fast, massively parallel access to billions of files, with automatic policy-based…

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