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IBM Maximo Health and Predict Utilities

Discover how IBM Maximo Health and Predict Utilities can provide key asset performance management (APM) capabilities for organizations that want to improve asset reliability and productivity.

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Toyota + IBM: 보다 스마트한 디지털 공장

인디애나 차체 조립 공장에서는 1분에 1대씩 새 차가 조립됩니다. 차체 조립의 각 프로세스는 완벽해야 하며, 가동 중지 시간과 결함률을 최소화하는 것이 비즈니스에 중요해졌습니다. Toyota가 IBM Maximo Health and Predict를 사용하여 보다 스마트한 디지털 공장으로 거듭난 방법을 확인해 보십시오.

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Toyota + IBM: uma fábrica mais inteligente e digital

Na fábrica da Toyota em Indiana, um carro novo sai da linha de montagem a cada minuto. Todo processo na montagem de veículos deve ser impecável e tornou-se essencial para os…

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Toyota + IBM : 更智能、更数字化的工厂

在印第安纳州厂的装配车间,每分钟就会有一辆新车从流水线推出一辆新车。车辆装配的每个环节都必须完美无瑕,零宕机和零缺陷成为决定业务成败的关键。了解丰田汽车如何运用 IBM Maximo Health and Predict 打造更智能、更数字化的工厂。

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The Smarter Hospital: PART 2

How do we accelerate the shift to the smarter hospital, and what can we learn from other industries? Listen to Mark Davies, Chief Medical Officer of IBM in Europe, Middle East and Africa, in…

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The Smarter Hospital: PART 1

What do we mean by “Smarter Hospital”, and what could it mean for the wider health system, the people in it, and health outcomes? Listen to Mark Davies, Chief Medical Officer of IBM in…

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Meet Jim, your value-based care partner

Tackle population health and drive new revenue by transitioning your healthcare organization to value-based care. See how consulting expertise can help your healthcare enterprise make the move.

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Meet Susan, your healthcare consulting partner

Does your healthcare organization need to examine its challenges and goals? Would you like support creating a roadmap for digital transformation? See how expertise can help your healthcare…

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Meet Jackie, your provider technology partner

Healthcare providers are eager to take advantage of technologies that improve patient care and deliver quality outcomes. But they aren’t always prepared for the governance and…

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Accelerating remote consent with IBM Clinical Development eConsent

Implementing remote consenting across your trials isn’t as daunting as you might think, especially when you have the right technology and support. Join us to learn how LivaNova is implementing…

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IBM Watson Care Manager Monthly Show and Tell (January 2021)

IBM Watson Care Manager (WCM) is a care and case management tool to support vulnerable populations. Product information is available in the Knowledge Center …

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Data makes the difference: Five strategies to support healthcare price transparency

Struggling to understand and meet the CMS Transparency in Coverage Rule in early 2022? Watch this practical session from 2021 AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum to learn about…

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The Next 3 Years of Life Sciences Innovation: Precision Medicine, Advanced Clinical Data Management and Beyond

The pandemic created a new reality for life sciences companies – one where digital transformation is no longer an option, but a necessity. As a result, there is more opportunity for innovation…

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Let’s shape the future of care together

Discover what can happen when the NHS, science and industry come together to solve health and care challenges. Together with healthcare providers, we’re working to better understand…

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IBM Cúram Social Program Management V8.0.1 deep dive: Caseworker and developer productivity improvements

This deep dive discusses the new features delivered in V8.0.1 that improve caseworkers’ productivity. It also covers the V8.0.1 features that enable developers to deliver a richer user…

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The current and future state of digital health credentials

Although digital health credentials aren't new, they rose quickly to international attention in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and have stayed in the news given recent vaccine mandates. Hear…

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