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Alien invasion - Scene 1

This is scene 1 from Alien invasion, the IBM Services Business Continuity game that takes the participant on a journey where they are responsible for saving their company as the CIO.

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IBM Cloud Migration: Accelerate your journey to cloud

IBM Cloud Migration Services provides migration and modernization of your workloads and applications from anywhere to anywhere.

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ReFee, Service Extension, CTS and Proactive Update

Play the replay for the following 4 training sessions in order to get a deeper insight and guidance.

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Fortis Healthcare - Managing Healthcare Complexity with IBM Mulitvendor Services

Learn how IBM Multi-Vendor Services worked with Fortis Healthcare to standardize and optimize their IT infrastructure

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The KLM Open App: 18 Holes in 1 App

Recommended next: Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services, Worldwide

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デモ動画【ワークフロー】システム復旧の標準化ーIBM レジリエンシー・オーケストレーション


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IBM Technology Support Services Delivery Difference

IBM Technology Support Services helps predict and prevent problems before they even happen through advanced analytics & cognitive systems.

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IBM MobileFirst インフラ・ソリューションのご紹介ビデオ

IBM MobileFirst インフラ・ソリューションのご紹介ビデオ

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