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Overwatch League 2020 Season Opening “守望先锋联赛”2020赛季开幕

首次涉足全球电竞领域 IBM 将赋能动视暴雪“守望先锋联赛”的内容互动与分析 通过云和 IBM Watson 人工智能与机器学习技术 为粉丝和战队提供参与机会 打造身临其境,创意十足的体验!了解更多专门为游戏公司打造的IBM Cloud :

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华斧网络 合作伙伴 成功案例

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Virtual gaming with IBM Cloud

With LiquidSky on IBM Cloud gamers can play anywhere at any time on any device. IBM global data centers minimize latency while bare metal servers provide powerful throughput. Get the best graphics…

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Command IBM's Watson as your personal Star Trek A.I.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is taking its virtual environment to a whole new level - and allowing a single-player experience at the same time! IBMs famous AI Watson is making its way to the game as the…

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