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Welcome: Re-emerge with purpose

We take a look at the challenges organisations are facing across all industries as a result of the fall out from the pandemic and how technology has helped them to transform and re-emerge…

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Looking to insurance to inspire innovation: Achieving a platform for future business automation

Learn how a leader in the insurance sector is building a modern, scalable platform for future business automation, without disruption to business operations.

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Building the Future Platform for FX

Join the session to hear about the journey that an organisation in the financial services sector took in building the future platform for FX.

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Spotlight on data: The Open University’s journey to improving student success through data, AI and technology

Hear the challenges The Open University faced on an ambitious journey to transform into a data-driven student centric organisation with a seamless user experience.

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Always on: Redesigning business processes at speed with automation

Join Vodafone as they discuss the challenges of automating processes to generate cost efficiencies and simplification as a central function delivering to local markets that are diverse

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Following fashion's footprint: Tech innovations for a sustainable and fair supply chain

The fashion industry is facing a sustainability crisis. Hear how emerging tech is helping to create more efficient and sustainable supply chains, revealing the entire lifecycle of a fashion…

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FutureTrade: caso de uso de servicios financieros para modernizar aplicaciones

Vea cómo FutureTrade diseñó una solución con IBM Cloud Satellite.

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FutureTrade: finansal hizmetler uygulamaları modernize etme vakasını kullanıyor

FutureTrade'in IBM Cloud Satellite ile nasıl bir çözüm tasarladığını izleyin.

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FutureTrade: przypadek użycia usług finansowych w modernizacji aplikacji

Zobacz, jak FutureTrade zaprojektowało rozwiązanie za pomocą IBM Cloud Satellite.

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FutureTrade: Anwendungsfall für Finanzdienstleistungen zur Modernisierung von Anwendungen

Sehen Sie sich an, wie FutureTrade eine Lösung mit IBM Cloud Satellite entwickelt hat.

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FutureTrade: caso d'uso dei servizi finanziari sulla modernizzazione delle applicazioni

Guarda come FutureTrade ha progettato una soluzione con IBM Cloud Satellite.

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The Next Normal In Aviation

Thoughts leaders from the world of aviation sit down to discuss the future of travel...and the next normal.

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Arvind Anthem short version

Arvind Krishna interviews Anthem Health's Rajeev Ronanki in "The new essential technologies for business" at Think 2020

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Journey to AI video series: Infuse LA - BR-PT

Follow the Infuse rung of the AI Ladder to Accelerate your journey to AI, where challenges become opportunities to explore, automate, understand, and predict using Watson Technology. Reimagine new…

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ExxonMobil + IBM: Tapping data to fuel an AI journey LA - CO-ES

Dr. Xiaojun Huang, Senior Advisor Upstream Digital Transformation, ExxonMobil, USA and Dennis Hendon, IBM Oil and Gas Client Executive explain how they accelerate development well planning and…

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IBM and Cemex co-created a workflow to transform the cement manufacturer's digital business operations in order to deliver a fully integrated and streamlined customer experience.

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