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A Closer Look at the Sustainability Agenda

Investing in sustainability means making deliberate and often different choices to progress the mission. From the C-suite to the frontline worker, it takes full-level commitment to work together on…

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Consumer Anthem Video

See how the most innovative companies are leveraging #IoT, #AI and #blockchain embedded in the supply chain, to enable trusted, seamless connections and transparency, from source to consumer. In…

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How to Better Anticipate Local Demand

How can you better anticipate local demand? How do you better deliver on customer expectations? By putting data to work.

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How to Adjust Quickly to Shake-ups in the Supply Chain_2.0

How can you more nimbly respond to shake-ups in the supply chain?

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Matalan GarageFINAL.mp4

Matalan garage, client video

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This Consumer Master Class features Alec Ross - Former State Department advisor to President Obama. The need to have a supply chain that is agile enough to deliver products to consumers where and…

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Liquid Newsroom uses Watson Analytics for Social Media for deeper marketing insights

Watson Analytics for Social Media offers a deeper understanding of how a market works and reveals subject topics that engage and motivate consumers. For Liquid Newsroom, no other analysis tool comes…

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