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Max Studio

Deliver a more dynamic presentation by putting the tools your talent needs at their fingertips so they can stay on camera when it matters most -- with Max Studio from The Weather Company.

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Max Velocity Overview

Increase and accelerate storytelling by empowering your entire team to create and publish video graphics and live streams from virtually any location and at any time.

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Max Velocity Sizzle Reel

See the various ways you can use Max Velocity for weather, sports, news, native sponsor segments and more.

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Max Web: Weather Forecast Widgets for Websites

Max Web provides weather forecast widgets for websites that help create compelling content, attract sponsors and monetize your web visitors. View this video to learn more about these product features.

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Explaining what kind of solution the IBM Archive and Essence Manager (AREMA) is.

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Max Velocity Demo

Watch a product demo of The Weather Company's browser-based video storytelling tool, Max Velocity.

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The Weather Company NAB 2022 Theater Presentation

Check out The Weather Company's 2022 NAB Show theater presentation featuring our newest products, Max Velocity and Max Alert Live, as well as Max Cloud and Max Reality.

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Max Alert Live

Max Alert Live enables stations to more rapidly broadcast severe weather news with customizable automated alerts, a user-friendly Max-based interface and a cloud deployment so you can control the…

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The Weather Company Advantage

The Weather Company provides weather and traffic solutions for broadcasters seeking to use industry-leading data and technology to help increase profitability and save lives. Discover how our…

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