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IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.13 Web Gui - Demo

The IBM Spectrum Protect web gui, now allows client admins to do Backups & Restores as well as Archives & Retrieves. This demo shows the different options for backups and archives as well as…

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IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.12 - Use Operations Center to delete nodes from Retention Sets

This demo shows how in the Spectrum Protect operations center you can now delete nodes from an existing retention set. The data goes into: Clients / More / Delete from Retention Set, and then is…

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Tape Backup Vs Archive and the differences

Does your data protection strategy include backup and archive? Both of these are key pieces of data protection but there is a difference between them both. Find out what they are, and the benefit…

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IBM Spectrum Archive, Discover, and Scale Integration to Optimize Storage Price and Performance

Seamless integration of IBM Spectrum Archive, Discover, and Scale provide a means of optimizing utilization across multiple storage tiers while being transparent to end-user applications. This…

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Metadata-Driven Data Movement Policies with IBM Spectrum Archive, Discover, and Scale

With the release of version 2.0.3, IBM Spectrum Discover provides more functionality and seamless integration with IBM Spectrum Archive and Scale. Metadata from Spectrum Archive is automatically…

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Clean your database with IBM Optim Archive, as easily as you clean your garage

IBM InfoSphere Optim is the best-in-class solution for data archiving, as recognized by Gartner in its latest Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving Application Retirement.

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