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IBM Event Automation

See how IBM Event Automation helps you put events to work by enabling business and IT users to detect situations in real-time, act on them and trigger automations.

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Becoming an Event Driven Business

Businesses that can put events to work can gain a constant state of awareness that enables them to be more responsive to customers and resilient to market dynamics. With capabilities for event…

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LAMP Stack Explained in 3 Minutes

LAMP is a web platform made of four different components - can you guess what the acronym stands for? In this video, Dan Kehn explains what those 4 pieces are and how LAMP differs from other stacks…

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Analyze precipitation data using a sample notebook in a project: Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

This video showcases a sample notebook that analyzes annual precipitation data from the UNdata portal in a Jupyter notebook in a Watson Studio project.

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What is Kafka?

Users of modern-day cloud applications expect a real-time experience but how is this achieved? In this lightboard video, Whitney Lee with IBM Cloud explains how Apache Kafka, an open-source…

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Analyzing Twitter Sentiment Using Apache Spark on IBM Bluemix

This video showcases the notebook described in this tutorial See how to perform sentiment analysis in a Python notebook in Data Science Experience using PixieDust and Spark Streaming.

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