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Deep Dive Apache Spark

Do you have a big data problem? Too much data to process or queries that are too costly to run in a reasonable amount of time? Spare your wallet and stress levels! David Adeyemi introduces Apache…

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Apache vs NGINX

If you're into web development, you have undoubtedly heard of Apache and Nginx. They're both open source web servers, but they have different strengths, and both are worth considering…

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IBM Event Automation

See how IBM Event Automation helps you put events to work by enabling business and IT users to detect situations in real-time, act on them and trigger automations.

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Becoming an Event Driven Business

Businesses that can put events to work can gain a constant state of awareness that enables them to be more responsive to customers and resilient to market dynamics. With capabilities for event…

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Journey to Open Data Analytics on IBM Z and LinuxONE

By charting your journey to open data analytics, you can derive new insights and advantages from each transaction. Accelerators of this journey are IBM Z Platform for Apache Spark, Python AI Toolkit…

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LAMP Stack Explained in 3 Minutes

LAMP is a web platform made of four different components - can you guess what the acronym stands for? In this video, Dan Kehn explains what those 4 pieces are and how LAMP differs from other stacks…

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Analyze precipitation data using a sample notebook in a project: Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

This video showcases a sample notebook that analyzes annual precipitation data from the UNdata portal in a Jupyter notebook in a Watson Studio project.

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What is Kafka?

Users of modern-day cloud applications expect a real-time experience but how is this achieved? In this lightboard video, Whitney Lee with IBM Cloud explains how Apache Kafka, an open-source…

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