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Perigo - Dashboards podem ser enganosos

PERIGO! Dashboards podem ser enganosos. Business Analytics” vinheta de abertura.

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Danger - Dashboards Can Be Misleading

DANGER! Dashboards Can Be Misleading. Business Analytics” Opening Bumper.

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Use AI technologies to take your enterprise BI to the next level

Most modern enterprises are data-driven - they make many key business decisions based on the numbers and facts.

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Cognos Analytics para modelagem orientada por intenções

Assista ao video sobre o IBM Cognos Analytics para modelagem orientada por intenções.

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SPSS Modelerで実践−新規顧客の獲得

IBM SPSS Modelerで、Webログを用いた顧客の予測モデルの作成しROIの最大化を目指す例を紹介します。自動車メーカーWebサイトの行動を例に、スコアリングにより顧客のライフタイム・バリューのピークに顧客を獲得する方法を考え契約率が高いと予想される見込み客リスト。

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SPSS Modelerで実践−顧客クラスタリング

IBM SPSS Modelerで、顧客の育成を目的にした顧客誘導の実践、分析例をご紹介します。顧客として定着した後に客単価を向上させて行くため、購買傾向の似たクラスタに分けて、クラスタ内で人気の製品を購入しているかどうかを調べ、未購入の製品を表示させて成長を促すパスについて検。

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PPL Corp obtains real bottom-line value by using predictive IBM Analytics solutions

PPL Corporation needed a better way to manage and analyze financial, operational and asset data. With the IBM® Data Model for Energy & Utilities and help from the IBM Client Center for…

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Machine Learning tem a ver com dados e a implantação, não apenas com o desenvolvimento

O especialista da IBM, Dinesh Nirmal, explica como os seus dados podem construir os sistemas cognitivos certos e maximizar os seus clientes.

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Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Basin Electric Power Cooperative is on its way to replacing spreadsheet-based reporting with IBM Cognos software, gaining a single version of the truth to support corporate decision-making.…

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IBM Watson Analytics: How to make a smarter decision

IBM Watson Analytics can help every business make smarter decisions by using analytics to uncover hidden correlations and new opportunities inside big data. There’s a new way to work and…

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Why IBM Business Analytics

See how IBM Business Analytics solutions can help you catapult your organization forward.

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A Smarter Wave of Analytics

Move beyond the pretty picture and apply smarter analytic and data science technologies.

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Customer Experience Analytics Interactive Demo

Découvrez Watson Customer Experience Analytics en action. Visualisez les parcours client, rejouez les sessions et exploitez les analyses.

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