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Mire este video para saber cómo IBM SPSS Statistics es fácil de usar, con una integración de código abierto que es accessible.

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Optim Data Privacy for Masking Structured and Unstructured Data

Listen to experts from IBM, Estuate and AB Martin and prepare a comprehensive data privacy strategy while addressing compliance regulations

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GDPR Readiness: A Practical Framework Defined

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union will have a big impact on businesses in the year ahead. Are you ready?

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TechTalk: PureData System for AnalyticsHow to solve SOL and Bond problems in PDA SPUS

This presentation will show what to do in case you detect SOL and Bond issues in PDA SPUS.

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Market and Competition Overview & 4Q Sales and Marketing Priorities

During this webcast, we will discuss, How is Unified Governance & integration market growing and key drivers influencing this growth.

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3 Strategies to Improve Testing and Deployment in the DevOps World with Quality Test Data

Join this webcast to know the key strategies and solutions to automate the entire Test Data Management (TDM)process in DevOps

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Quicker ROI using machine learning and automation for Data Quality

See recent innovations around data quality in IBM InfoSphere Information Server, including new automation and data classification features.

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Top 3 marketing challenges for your organization and how a 360 degree customer view can help.

Join this webcast to learn how IBM addresses these challenges & reduces the cost of merging data while building a 360 view of customer data.

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Data is the game changer: How are leading banks improving customer-centricity using their data?

Learn how IBM Data Replication helps leading banks to synchronize & replicate core banking transactional data & improve customer experience.

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Learn How to Discover and Manage All Enterprise Data –Structured and Unstructured –in one place!

Join IBM and Integro, to learn how IBM has overcome this obstacle through the integration of IBMInformationGovernanceCatalogwithIBMStoredIQ.

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Putting Data Governance at the Heart: Shortening Healthcare’s Path to AI

Establish a governed data foundation that supports business-critical projects and initiatives involving AI and machine learning.

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Take control of your organization’s data: Five lessons in Data Governance from Gardening

Join our experts to experience this webinar and learn about data governance journey at BBVA Compass.

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Enhance the efficiency of eDiscovery Management with a robust Data Governance Program

Data Governance Program helps in managing the eDiscovery process from identification to hold notification preservation and collection

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The Heart of Digital Transformation: Master Data Management webinar

Learn more on how organizations are leveraging master data management solutions to foster & deliver trusted data to their line of business.

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GDPR is Live, Now What? It's time to accelerate your analytics journey!

Learn how to use the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as an opportunity to accelerate your organization's analytics journey.

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Tech Talk: Learn how to identify performance issues in Db2 Warehouse & IBM Integrated Analytics System

This webinar provides strategies to help identify performance issues in Db2 Warehouse and IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS).

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