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Mire este video para saber cómo IBM SPSS Statistics es fácil de usar, con una integración de código abierto que es accessible.

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Putting Data Governance at the Heart: Shortening Healthcare’s Path to AI

Establish a governed data foundation that supports business-critical projects and initiatives involving AI and machine learning.

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Building Trusted Data Through Deep Profiling and Analysis with Machine Learning

Learn how machine learning and other analytics techniques can be used to ensure better data outcomes

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IBM e Westjet. Uma história de sucesso do Cognos Analytics

Descubra como a companhia aérea canadense, Westjet, melhorou as suas operações com Business Intelligence.

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Introduction to IBM Hadoop Solution

"このコースでは、Apache Hadoopをより使いやすく、より高速化した IBM版 HadoopであるInfoShere BigInsightsについて解説します。ビッグデータを扱う次世代のエンタープライズ・ウェアハウス環境におけるHadoopの役割についても理解できます。"

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The latest information and case study of Big Data Security Part 3 of 3

"2014年6月20日開催の IBM Big Data セミナーのセッションです。Big Data のセキュリティに関する最新動向とユーザー事例を解説・紹介します。"

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IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio Overview

Take advantage of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio to take your decision-making to the next level.

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Mark III Systems leverages IBM Watson technology to build open digital and cognitive platforms

By Leveraging IBM Cloud and Watson technology Mark III systems have introduced two groundbreaking platforms in the market: VideoRecon & Cognitive Call Center. VideoRecon is an open analytics…

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