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Liberty: Cloud Agility for Application Development

With Liberty you can write once, run anywhere with cloud agility and be confident your application is running on an agile runtime with continuous delivery, open standards, zero…

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Quantum-Safe Cryptography and ADDI

Quantum-Safe Cryptography and the ADDI Tool

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Boston Dynamics+IBM事例ー先進技術を活用したよりスマートなオペレーション


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Aumente seu potencial

Seu potencial não deve ser medido, deve ser liberado.

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Cloud without Compromise -- Temenos and IBM Cloud

Paul Carr, Director of Global Strategic Technology Alliance at Temenos, discusses how IBM Cloud is part of their strategic plan in offering three solutions that will bring our joint customers…

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Aumente su potencial

Tu potencial no debe ser medido, debe ser liberado.

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Enfrente os desafios de transformação com o novo IBM Power E1080

O novo IBM Power E1080 é projetado para fornecer a agilidade necessário para afrontar e superar os objetivos das empresas atuais.

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Enfrente los retos de transformación con el nuevo IBM Power E1080

El nuevo IBM Power E1080 está diseñado para proporcionar la agilidad necesaria para enfrentar y superar los objetivos de las organizaciones actuales.

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Plan for business resilience: FP&A breakout

Organizations can no longer afford to be reactive in today’s unpredictable environment. See first-hand how AI-powered planning and analytics solutions can help you plan quickly and dynamically,…

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IDC leadership conversation: Unlocking Data

10-minute fireside chat between IDC Analyst Stewart Bond and IBM's Susara van den Heever on how organizations are looking to unlock the value of their data -- and with an information…

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Bradesco: Banking on the future of Brazil with IBM zSystems

BradescoBrazil is changing. Rapid economic development has spurred demand for sophisticated banking and insurance solutions. It has also created the need for a new way of banking: a way focused on…

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