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IBM & Red Hat Change, Culture & Fostering Future Strength

In a rapidly changing world, internationally acclaimed lecturer Shapira explores how seemingly dissimilar corporate cultures can come together to create a climate that fosters each ability to…

From  chq_mkt_delegated on September 2nd, 2020

Making the Digital Era an Inclusive Era

Ginni Rometty, IBM Executive Chairman, explores the future of education, skills development and the digital workforce in the post-COVID-19 era with musician, businessman, and philanthropist…

From  chq_mkt_delegated on September 1st, 2020

Engage all customers virtually with Watson

Your customers need you now more than ever. In the face of profound change, customers rely on brands that understand their needs, and find ways to serve them in increasingly personal, trusted ways.…

From  chq_mkt_delegated on August 29th, 2020

The future of edge computing with Rob High

Hear all about edge - what's exciting, what's innovative, who's using it, and the future - all from IBM Fellow, Rob High, VP and CTO of IBM Edge Computing.

From  chq_mkt_delegated on August 29th, 2020

Speed, simplicity, and self-confidence: Transform your business with Watson

With situations shifting by the moment, businesses are striving to continue to meet the needs of everyone they serve—customers, employees, partners, and citizens alike. In order to do so,…

From  chq_mkt_delegated on August 29th, 2020

Act, don't react: How AI and automation will change the way you work

Now, more than ever, organizations are under pressure to change the way they work. In today’s distributed work environment, organizations can’t afford to be tied into a single ecosystem…

From  chq_mkt_delegated on August 29th, 2020

Science for social good

When research scientists and engineers come together with NGOs and key stakeholders from the private and public sectors, they can help solve the world’s toughest problems. Drawing from…

From  chq_mkt_delegated on August 29th, 2020

Support health and human services

COVID-19 has both exposed and amplified the challenges facing a complex healthcare system. Now more than ever, payers, providers, government agencies and life sciences companies need innovative…

From  chq_mkt_delegated on August 29th, 2020

Think 2020: Dominque Dubois [Audiogram] 2

"One defining aspect of intelligent workflows I want to call out is that it brings together the business-led, and the technology-led discussions around modernization. So modernization of your…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on July 13th, 2020

Think 2020: Elli Hurst [Audiogram] 2

"We take a look at the affinity for the actual stakeholders to utilize that automation, to enhance that automation through continuous improvement, and we use an algorithm to actually apply that…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on July 13th, 2020

Think 2020: Elli Hurst [Audiogram]

"Where our digital workers are born and live, where the intelligent workflows and all of our assets are residing, are within this IBM Services for Automation platform. Automation control tower…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on July 13th, 2020

Unleash new applications with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Hear Ian Robinson, CTO for the IBM application platform, outline IBM Cloud Pak for Applications' main goal.

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on July 10th, 2020

Change the Way You build and Modernize Applications With the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

With IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, customers can rapidly build and manage the apps that drive business forward. Hear client success stories of building and modernizing apps at the pace business…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on June 25th, 2020