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QRadar Cloud Apps animated video

QCA (QRadar Cloud Apps) is a new product and we need to demonstrate the key benefits and differentiators. - And for this we are doing this animated video (script below)Your team, your applications…

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What is OpenShift?

Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud provides an overview of OpenShift on a lightboard explaining how OpenShift allows you to run containerized applications and workloads to help better streamline the…

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Making Money MuVs by Detecting and Stopping Threats

Advanced threats can do more than stop business in its tracks, they can also ground a product launch before lift-off. See how MuVMitt used a combination of today’s cybersecurity tools and…

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Cognition Foundry: Helping startups tackle big challenges

Cognition Foundry specializes in using the latest technology to help startups—particularly those with a strong focus on social impact—change the world. When startup Plastic Bank had the…

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Plastic Bank: Enabling plastic recycling and financial inclusion with blockchain

Eighty percent of ocean plastic starts on land in developing countries. Plastic Bank's solution to stop ocean plastic also focuses on alleviating poverty by making plastic waste a currency.…

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Protegendo dados, protegendo pessoas

A importância da IBM Security na sociedade e a sua dedicação em ajudar a proteger seus clientes contra ameaças de segurança cibernética.

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Novas regras de segurança

É hora de repensar a segurança cibernética - para combater ameaças complexas com soluções colaborativas simples e unificadas

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IBM Security Guardium Smarter Data Protection Video

Smarter data protection solutions from IBM Security Guardium can help clients meet their most critical data protection needs by enabling them to see with insight, automate with purpose, and scale as…

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ISS Deploys Apps and Secures Devices with IBM MaaS360

ISS Facility Services is the Danish subsidiary of ISS Group, which employs more than 510,000 people in 75 countries worldwide. The development of a new internal app inspired ISS to search for a…

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How G2SF Keeps Government Endpoints Safe with AI-Infused UEM

Sean Fromm of G2SF details how AI and cognitive technology have improved his team’s ability to deliver an exceptionally secure experience for government clients supporting a wide range of…

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Why you need an automated approach to IT GRC management

In many companies different departments have their own IT systems and processes to manage governance, risk and compliance (GRC). These disparate management programs are not sufficient to provide the…

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La capacidad de detectar amenazas es mayor con QRadar - Demo

La era de la seguridad como servicio llegó. Con IBM QRadar, es mucho más fácil administrar la infraestructura para prevenir, detectar y responder a amenazas. Conozca la…

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INBLOCK: Improving cryptocurrency security with Blockchain and LinuxONE

INBLOCK was established to issue and efficiently operate the cryptocurrency Metacoin, which is based on Hyperledger fabric. INBLOCK's aim is to overcome cryptocurrency technical deficiencies,…

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5 pontos sobre regulações que envolvem dados

Nosso especialista Andriei Gutierrez explica que o cumprimento do compliance é demonstrado todos os dias, não apenas durante as auditorias ou após uma grande mudança…

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5 consejos sobre legislación de datos para empresas

Nuestro especialista Andriei Gutierrez explica que el cumplimiento de la normativa se demuestra todos los días, no solo durante las auditorías o tras un gran cambio regulatorio. Las…

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