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Setting up Spark with IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration on Linux

This video walks you through how to set up a Spark cluster on virtual machines using Linux. It demonstrates Spark querying an IBM DB2 database with BLU Acceleration enabled.

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Analyzing Twitter Sentiment Using Apache Spark on IBM Bluemix

This video showcases the notebook described in this tutorial See how to perform sentiment analysis in a Python notebook in Data Science Experience using PixieDust and Spark Streaming.

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What comes to mind when you think of IBM DB2

Some of the key thoughts that come to people's minds when they think of IBM DB2 are swift, available, reliable, security, and evolution.

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nViso uses real-time facial imaging to deliver deep insights into customer sentiment

Using its facial imaging technology, nViso captures and delivers deep insights into customer reactions to its clients' products, services and ads. Thanks to a sophisticated analytics solution at…

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Innovative pharmacy program saves customers $65 million with zEnterprise infrastructure

Executives at the Medical Management Center (MMC) at University of Arizona knew that its innovative pharmacy program had outgrown its current platform. It needed an infrastructure that could scale,…

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IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration helps Intel chip products boost performance at lower cost

IBM and Intel collaboration on Big Data solutions are transforming businesses by allowing them to do significant analyzes on data faster and at a lower cost. The value of Big Data is the ability to…

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IBM Big Data Solutions power BNSF Railways

Listen to Kent Collins, Database Solutions Architect, talk about how IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration offers simplicity, superior performance, and significant compression. Read more:…

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