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IBM 合作伙伴案例分享:易华录基于 IBM 数据湖开发数字视网膜

技术落地离不开合作伙伴。IBM 合作伙伴易华录—以数据为核心的城市互联网运营商,基于 IBM 的数据湖产品和技术,开发了数字视网膜产品,打造城市级视频解析平台。 IBM 面向 AI 的存储解决方案: 如需咨询,请您致电…

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theCUBE conversation featuring Forrester and IBM

This CUBE conversation focuses on the factors that are driving digital transformation for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Featured speakers are Steve Canepa, Global Industry Managing…

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Partners in Telco Cloud Network Automation: Palo Alto Networks

IBM and Palo Alto Networks discuss the topic of security as Communications Service Providers (CSPs) embrace AI-powered automation to evolve to 5G.

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With IBM Bluemix, Skytap a cloud service provider can act fast to meet client needs

Skytap’s solution allows customers to very easily lift and shift traditional applications from on premises data centers into the Skytap cloud. This allows them to go through process…

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VSS Accelerates Cloud Hosting Service with IBM Spectrum Storage

VSS leverages the wide-ranging IBM Storage product line to offer cost-effective flexible cloud-based solutions to their customers. Read more: “The ability for us to…

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ZE PowerGroup Unleashes Database with IBM Storage

ZE PowerGroup transforms their cloud with IBM FlashSystem and Storwize V7000 allowing them to quadruple their workloads and triple their client base while reducing costs by 25%. Read more:…

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Racksquared Delivers Differentiated Solutions with IBM Storage

Racksquared differentiates in their marketplace by taking advantage of leading edge IBM Storage solutions like FlashSystem, Real-time Compression, Advanced Tiering and IBM Spectrum Protect. Results…

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