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Mainframe Myths Debunked in 5 Minutes

What do you think of when you hear the word "mainframe"? Slow? Expensive? Outdated? In this video, Rosalind Radcliffe blows up those myths and explains how modern IBM ZSystems mainframes…

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IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z product demonstration

See how watsonx Code Assistant for Z can help accelerate IBM Z application modernization To learn more, please visit the Code Assistant web page.

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Getting started with Python AI Toolkit for IBM z/OS

Python AI Toolkit for IBM z/OS delivers industry leading AI Python packages, backed by IBM supply chain security, and makes them available on z/OS. Learn how to get started and install this product.

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Why zSystems?

IBM Furthers Flexibility, Sustainability and Security within the Data Center. Introducing the New IBM z16 and IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper 4 options that are designed to provide a modern, flexible hybrid…

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Journey to Open Data Analytics on IBM Z and LinuxONE

By charting your journey to open data analytics, you can derive new insights and advantages from each transaction. Accelerators of this journey are IBM Z Platform for Apache Spark, Python AI Toolkit…

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IMS-DB2 Subsystems

Healthcheck for IMS and DB2

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Celebrating 25 years of innovation and trusted performance: Java on IBM zSystems

In 1997, IBM delivered its first release of an SDK for Java on IBM zSystems. After a quarter-century of development, improvements, and name changes, IBM has maintained its commitment to staying at…

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Enabling SDA for the First Time: SPUFIL / SQL

Enabling SDA for the first time: SPUFIL / SQL

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Certificate management automation with Ansible for z/OS

Certificate management automation for z/OS has been a very popular use case clients have been interested in exploring with Red Hat Ansible. In this video, you will hear why clients are interested in…

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IBM z16 Launch Event

See what's new in IBM z16 and what it means for your hybrid cloud journey. Learn how to transform your engine for innovation and agility at scale. You’ll hear from: - Ross Mauri,…

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IBM z16の特長をエキスパートが説明

IBM z16は、オンチップによる革新的なAI推論と業界初の耐量子技術を用いて、お客様のハイブリッドクラウド環境にAIとサイバー・レジリエンシーを提供します。ハイブリッドクラウドは、あらゆるデジタル・トランスフォーメーションに不可欠なプラットフォームとなっています。意思決定のスピードを加速させるとともに、ビジネスを前進させる俊敏性を実現します。 IBM z16の最新機能を…

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SunTec Xelerate on IBM z16: Relationship-based pricing for dynamic offers

Testimonial video: Madhur Jain, Global Head of Solution Consulting, SunTec, talks about how SunTec Xelerate on IBM z16 are co-creating a powerful customer-centric solution for banks.

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IBM z16:新たな未来を創造


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BNP Paribas is boosting autonomy, agility, control and efficiency in software development on enterprise systems

To enhance its agility and boost efficiency, BNP Paribas set out to overhaul the software development environment for its enterprise systems. Working with IBM to deploy a modern IDE backed by…

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IBM Shared Memory Communications Version 2 (SMCv2)

This short IBM video provides insight regarding how IBM customers can optimize their enterprise data center communications by using Shared Memory Communications Version 2 (SMCv2). SMCv2 reduces the…

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IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench for z/OS On-host Analysis

IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench for z/OS is an operations analytics tool for z/OS. You can use Workbench to analyze the behavior and performance of transactions on z/OS, including CICS, Db2,…

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