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IBM mainframe AIOps solution and typical use case 1: Use case design and development

This video showcases the business value and technical feasibility of the mainframe AIOps use case. The solutions and technical tools in this use case enable you to autonomously build visual…

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IBM mainframe AIOps solution and typical use case 1: CICS transaction performance data visualization and response time anomaly diagnosis

Through typical use cases, live demonstrations, and application workloads, this video series will show you how to leverage data visualization and AI in mainframe operations, and how to use…

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Meet Jim, your value-based care partner

Tackle population health and drive new revenue by transitioning your healthcare organization to value-based care. See how consulting expertise can help your healthcare enterprise make the move.

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Meet Susan, your healthcare consulting partner

Does your healthcare organization need to examine its challenges and goals? Would you like support creating a roadmap for digital transformation? See how expertise can help your healthcare…

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Meet Jackie, your provider technology partner

Healthcare providers are eager to take advantage of technologies that improve patient care and deliver quality outcomes. But they aren’t always prepared for the governance and…

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A message from the new IBM Micromedex General Manager

Dr. Tina Moen, General Manager and Chief Pharmacy Officer, IBM Micromedex, introduces herself to the Micromedex business. As a pharmacist, Dr. Moen has spent the last 20 years of her…

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AI for healthcare: benefits and barriers

Webinar from the 2021 Health Forum with Watson health leaders who discuss new ways to overcome the common challenges and how to reap the benefits of AI in clinical and performance outcomes to…

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IBM Micromedex solutions: Put time back on your side

IBM Micromedex solutions: Evidence-based resources to support clinical decision-making, drug supply chain management and patient education – leading to greater workflow efficiency and better…

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Pharmacy Products Overview for Vizient Members

Learn about all the IBM Micromedex offerings available through the Vizient Pharmacy Network contract.

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Patient Education CareNotes Overview for Vizient Members

Learn about time saving use cases that leverage AI conversational search and consider the benefits of customizing your patient education content.

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OrbitalRX Overview for Vizient Members

Learn about solutions that help you proactively manage drug shortages and efficiently identify effective alternatives.

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DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson Overview for Vizient Members

Explore the opportunities of combining DynaMed’s top-performing “Best in KLAS 2021” point-of-care disease information with the drug insights of IBM Micromedex.

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Merge Cardio/Merge Hemo Demo

A video demo of how Merge Hemo and Merge Cardio work together.

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OrbitalRX: Support proactive and effective management of drug shortages

Drug shortages are at crisis levels. OrbitalRX – now with Micromedex content – combines the power of real-time situational awareness with clinical decision support, helping hospital…

From  Watson_health_marketing - What value does ReTrust give the customer? maintains the highest standards for quality and client satisfaction by delivering its business continuity services on IBM Cloud.

From  3100028KV4 3100028KV4 - How do you benefit from using the IBM Cloud? maintains the highest standards for quality and client satisfaction by delivering its business continuity services on IBM Cloud.

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