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Princeton Blue delivers business transformation with IBM Smarter Process

IBM Premier Business Partner Princeton Blue, Inc. helps customers transform their business with IBM Smarter Process solutions

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Video: ASE improves sales retention by 12 percent with mobile solution

To differentiate itself in a highly competitive marketplace, ASE usesIBM Operational Decision Management and IBM Mobile Application Platform application patterns running on an IBM PureApplication…

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The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited client reference video - for IBM WebSphere BPM software

Working with IBM, HCF uses business rules to implement automated claims procesing, reducing claims processing times from 5-6 days to near real-time.

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Process Modeling in the Cloud with IBM Blueworks Live

Revolutionize the way you collaborate on processes with IBM Blueworks Live. Sign up for a free trial now: Enterprises exist in a new age of process advancement. Driven by…

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IBM Middleware: Break down the barriers to digital transformation

How can you be ready for whats next when whats next could be anything? IBM Middleware gives you the power to remake your business for the future by unleashing continuous innovation while building on…

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Carlsberg-Denmark optimizes customer service with IBM business process software

One of the world is oldest and most famous beer brewers The Carlsberg Group - Denmark agilely designs and deploys business process improvements using IBM Process Transformation software. Read the…

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JForce delivers greater process efficiency using IBM Digital Business Automation

An IT solutions provider based in Turkey, JForce Bilisim Teknolojileri A.S. (JForce Information Technologies) helps customers across industries implement IBM Digital Business Automation software to…

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Smarttech helps Abtran Secure their business with IBM Watson for Cyber Security

Abtran, a leading provider of customer & process management services specializes in delivering services to highly regulated and trusted clients. Over the last year Abtran handled over 45 million…

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Laboratorio Médico Las Américas enables more holistic care using IBM software

Laboratorio Médico Las Américas applies IBM Business Process Manager software and IBM Watson to enrich the information and insight for patients and medical practitioner. Read more:…

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Sompo Seguros improves agility and efficiency with IBM Business Process Manager

In order to serve its rapidly expanding customer base and manage its burgeoning product portfolio, Sompo Seguros deployed IBM Business Process Manager software, optimizing both its internal and…

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BAI digitizes compliance processes with an IBM hybrid cloud solution

Seeking to compete globally and comply with international banking rules, BAI worked with IBM Business Partner KPMG to deploy a hybrid cloud solution of IBM process transformation and integration…

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Panalpina uses process automation and APIs to deliver fast and flexible services

To improve efficiency and its customer experience, Panalpina World Transport worked with IBM to create a solution to automate its processes and streamline its IT landscape, resulting in greater…

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Turbaduana automates compliance with IBM Process Transformation software

By working with IBM Business Partner ne Digital to automate business processes with the IBM Blueworks Live cloud-based platform and IBM Business Process Manager software, Turbaduana avoids costly…

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Banco MAIS quickly improves services with IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud

Working with IBM Business Partner Habber Tec, Banco MAIS implemented IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud to gain greater insight into its processes, resulting in a reduction in turnaround times for…

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WNS Global Services deploys large scale sites 80 percent faster with IBM BigFix

WNS Global Services uses IBM BigFix software to rapidly deploy its company’s packaging and distribution software, reduce vulnerabilities and promote compliance across its endpoints across the…

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