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IBM Power Systems와 함께 하는 클라우드 3번째 이야기 - IBM Power Systems를 위한 엔터프라이즈 클라우드 관리 플랫폼 데모

IBM Power Systems를 위한 엔터프라이즈 클라우드 관리 플랫폼 데모는 IBM Power Systems와 함께 하는 클라우드 3번째 이야기로, Openstack 기반으로 설계된 Power System에 대한 가상화 및 클라우드 관리 솔루션 PowerVC를 데모로 소개합니다.

From  270007MK9V 270007MK9V on July 2nd, 2020

Linux on z Systems empowers your developers

Explore Linux on IBM Z: By bringing the systems of record and systems of engagement workloads together inside the same enterprise-class server, you can maximize your…

From  100000KTTB 100000KTTB on June 12th, 2019

IBM Cloud - The Platform Built on Open Source

Bluemix is a cloud platform where companies can build run scale and manage web and mobile apps. It is powered by the world is top open source projects such as Cloud Foundry Docker and OpenStack.…

From  310000UWKY 310000UWKY on June 13th, 2018

FreeBit provides cloud services with IBM XIV Storage System

FreeBit, a leading cloud service provider in Japan, offers virtual data centers and virtual private servers to clients. FreeBit leverages IBM XIV to handle their clients data storage needs. Learn…

From  5500022KRT 5500022KRT on August 1st, 2017