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IBM Power Systems Myths_ The OpenPOWER Foundation is not really an industry backed consortium

IBM Lab Services expert Skip Garvin continues a video series dispelling the top IBM Power Systems myths. In this video, he addresses the myth that the OpenPOWER Foundation is not really an industry…

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复旦大学利用 IBM Spectrum Scale 加速 AI,赋能科研

复旦大学近年来持续加大在人工智能领域的研究投入,取得了众多研究成果,并在小样本训练、NLP、新冠疫情等实际场景中应用,与深脑云及 IBM 的达成合作之后,借助 IBM Spectrum Scale 和 OpenPOWER,引入了高性能、高可用的基础平台,大大提升了科研的效率实验的精度,并且建立了完善的合作生态。详情访问 更多信息,敬请访问:IIBM Spectrum Scale…

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IBM and OpenPOWER Partner with Oak Ridge National Labs to Solve World’s Toughest Challenges

IBM and OpenPOWER are partnering with Oak Ridge Nation Labs to build the largest and most powerful supercomputer in the world with POWER9.

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