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The human side of HR—Fostering genuine connections with AI

Can AI help build a world where your resumes don’t end up in a black hole and companies can find the right candidates easily? Listen to host Albert Lawrence, Jon Lester, VP of HR, technology,…

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AusNet Services in partnership with IBM and SAP.

AusNet Services amps up its human resources operations with IBM and SAP.

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Headcount and Staffing Planning with IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics can help your HR analysts streamline the headcount and staffing planning process, reduce manual data manipulation and preparation, and gain insights into employee management…

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#In300sec Stefano Rebattoni Amministratore Delegato IBM Italia (2°Puntata)

Per l’exit-strategy di ogni organizzazione impegnata nel superamento della crisi l'imperativo è fare ecosistema. Il complesso quadro di azioni da intraprendere non…

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#in300sec con Stefano Rebattoni, Amministratore Delegato IBM Italia

Il cambiamento di strategia come risposta alla trasformazione indotta dalla crisi sanitaria e agli effetti attesi per la società e l’economia.…

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IBM #in300sec con Renato Mannozzi, Direttore Risorse Umane IBM Italia

La centralità e la cura delle risorse umane sono la chiave per garantirsi un capitale umano all'altezza delle sfide che ci attendono.

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Nessuno si salva da solo: diversità e inclusione per un futuro più florido e sostenibile

Marco Mazza, Diversity&Inclusion Ambassador IBM Italia, si racconta a #in300sec: “La tecnologia deve essere utilizzata per abbattere barriere e …

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Meet Winston, your digital coworker and expert on payroll validation

Learn how Winston II can put his expertise to work by streamlining payroll process - saving your organization time and money.

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Meet our HR digital workers - hire and transfer faster

Each digital worker has their own HR speciality and can handle common, manual tasks, giving your employees time back for other jobs.

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Meet HR letter creation bot, your new digital co-worker

This HR letter creation bot can process a range of HR letters, including termination letters, overpayment letters and offer letters. This can save over 90% of the time usually spent when creating HR…

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Wunderman Thompson: 데이터 및 AI로 머신 러닝 수준 향상

광고 대기업 Wunderman Thompson은 고객의 ROI를 높이는 최상의 통찰력을 확보하기 위해 머신 러닝을 활용했습니다. IBM Watson Studio와 오픈 소스 도구의 조합을 사용하면, 일상적인 오퍼레이션 시간을 최소화하고, 통찰력 발견 및 가설 도출에 더 많은 시간을 투자할 수 있습니다. Wunderman Thompson의 데이터 및 AI…

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IBM 인재관리

IBM 인재관리 솔루션을 통해 직원 참여 및 생산성 향상, 직원 고용 시간 단축 등을 구현할 수 있습니다.

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Wunderman Thompson + IBM: Elevating Machine Learning with Data and AI

Advertising giant Wunderman Thompson describes how it uses machine learning for better discovery of human insights—insights that help increase ROI for its clients. Learn how the company and its…

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EDF Energy invests in top talent to improve energy security for years to come

As competition heats up in the UK energy sector, powering a nation with clean, low-carbon energy is becoming much harder. To stay ahead in tough market conditions, EDF Energy worked with IBM Services…

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(79-216) I Have a Feeling for this Place

IBMers throughout the country are putting into practice the company's commitment to social responsibility. The camera shows some of the places where the job is getting done, including a…

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