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NHS DigiTrials: The role of data in the pandemic

Hear about the DigiTrials consortium between IBM and NHS Digital, the University of Oxford and Microsoft to help accelerate clinical trials using NHS patient data, the impact on the COVID-19 RECOVERY…

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NHS Digital in a time of COVID-19

Hear about the measures NHS Digital have taken to ensure the service emerges stronger for its patients, for the community, and for its staff.

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Digital transformation in healthcare miniseries. PART 1: Putting data strategy first

Healthcare organisations today are dealing with a high volume and wide variety of complex data that's difficult to process. How can we drive insights from broader data sets to really make an…

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Digital transformation in healthcare miniseries. INTRODUCTION: The challenges

Unlocking the full potential of data and AI is a key part of digital transformation in healthcare. This video series breaks down different elements for consideration, starting with a look at the…

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Digital transformation in healthcare miniseries. PART 6: Cybersecurity in a complex healthcare IT estate

The IT estate for a typical healthcare organisation is not simple. They can often be operating on hundreds of complex systems, including legacy systems, which can hold sensitive, personal and often…

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Digital transformation in healthcare miniseries. PART 5: Protecting data security & privacy

How has digitisation impacted data security in healthcare, and can transparency around population health benefits help engender public trust in data sharing? Heather Fraser, Global Lead for…

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Watson Health HHS Analytics: Analytics to Support Crisis Response

Government agencies must be able to identify high risk populations; assess risk levels by geography, provider, beneficiary or other dimension; track the health of the high-risk population (both…

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