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Applying and resolving holds - IBM Sterling Call Center

Learn how to apply and resolve order holds by using the IBM Sterling Call Center application.

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Requirements Management for IoT

DOORS Next Generation helps organizations understanding their requirements, manage the scope of their deliveries and control costs.

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IBM Business Partner 321 Gang uses DevOps to achieve a better product, faster

Utilizing IBM DevOps tools, namely the IBM UrbanCode and IBM Rational solution suites, IBM Business Partner 321 Gang, Inc., helps its customers speed the development and deployment of product…

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Smarter Planet Solutions Help ESB Networks Reach Energy Goals

ESB Networks' five rings model combining wind power, a smart grid, smart meters, a nationwide charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and home energy generation has put Ireland on track to…

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Jibes leverages Cognitive solutions to provide its clients with deeper insights about their products

Jibes creates a lead generation solution that helps customers gather better insights about its products and target market and identify leads more accurately. Read more: …

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